merlin beard!

heh. i was quite happy after all the things that i did yesterday. first right after lectures, i went to have my lunch at the 11th college. just a mile walk from our college. the 12th. did i just say "just"?? haha its not so close but just for the sake to consume delicious and for a variety foods. sanggup gak nak pg jauh2, panah lg tu. haha. if i was alone i would never do that. im not that picky. haha but my friends are just like that. but its a good thing tho. they taught me something that no one had ever told and taught me. "we deserve to get what we are suppose to get".  we can make our own choices. they always amaze me. haha

okay. let me start. why is the Ferris wheel put up there? haha how i wish that i can attend the Olympics. but i will never be there. sad isnt? and its over already. i really dont know what happening to me. but seriously id been asking myself till the deepest layer of my mind. my heart. asking myself about all the things that happened. and the result is, i found nothing wrong with me. my friends the edc are saying  that i changed a lots. im too attached to my new friends. i left them. those were the issues that they had brought up to the whole society. the edc. im sad. seriously. i didnt change. im still me. your friend. for example, they are sayin that im so sombong now. i didnt tegur or bagi salam kat diorng. hey, id never bagi salam dulu. i always being the one who answer. so idk what to say. they r the one who didnt speak to me. im sad. im exhausted thinking. i, never judge them that i dont wanna be their friend because their slackness. never!! i still befriend with them. but now, my slackness meant everything to them?? TGIF

k just now i went shopping with my friends. the awesome pasum. haha im parts of lots of groups of different people. awesome pasum, group p3, group p2 and beloved edc. different people entirely. and i was to please each and everyone of them as a human. how exhausted i am. haha. in the evening it was raining relentlessly. so bad is the whether. then after shoppin, i went to midvalley to have iftar together with group p3. then we watched movie together. it was exciting. and we were also lost when we were serching for sogo. hahahahahahahahahah  i will never forget that, haha. the bodies were all wet. hahahahaha. but i bought some books too. with a long hope that it would be a tree or somewhat. haha


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