ermm better don't read this. it is rather so emotional. 18SX

okay, hello guys. its the national day of Malaysia today. haha proud to be one. malaysian. its an awesome country really. its just that there a lil bit portion of the ethic that are kinda disheartened to me. the bad side of the society. but that's the problem that we could found in within of each and everyone of the nation. cannot be labelled as the whole society but some people just will never get it. believe me. there are so many ignorant out there, and i really hate it. seriously. why do they have to be so bad, i meant, when someone is from minority pack, do you really have to be so blindly kill them? i really think these kind of people should just you know, kick the bucket. driver taxi, ada hati nak hina, perli org. get a life la pakcikk. "tinggal kat mane? takkan kat hutan kot." what is that suppose to be meaning? rumah kitorg kat kampung banyak rumah banglo dua tingkat kot. ni ade hati nak hina org. thats why i really hate it when the last resort is to board a taxi. especially when its pakcik. get a life la k. 

but, i only thought that it happened only in old people, i thought its because they are old and not so educated, so gradually they didn't know it. but it really give me a shot right there on the heart one day. well you know how i keep on trying to be warm and friendly to my new group member. yeah i did lots of things. you know. sometimes you just have to ignore someones' annoying act. they think differently.  i dont know what to say but seriously sometimes i found it rather too negative or so blue. i don't like it but i realize that the world is not yours. just let them have their life. know what i meant? k, back to my story. my friend from the other group came passed by and she was formerly in the same group with these new member of my group so they ask me lots of questions on the different language that we, the sarawakian are using obviously. and literally, my friend taught them lots of bad word like "payung' etc.. etc... which i dont actually know. so i explained that i'm not living in sarawak all the time and so i don't know much of the language really. then one of these new friend asked me, "oh yeke, dulu sekolah kat mane?". then i told them where i'd been studying. i'm from SMS Labuan. then here comes the most annoyed part. "HUH! MCM MANE BOLEH MASUK UM? HUH? HUH? BUKAN LABUAN TU NEGARE LAIN EHH?". iduhbfvioughbiufn9y8nv98gtrivp4ov8id

ni la ni. so, where are the culture? ethic? moral? malaysian hospitality konon? tak korang rase malu ke korang tak tahu ape2? you guys are just one among the weirdest people in the world. these kind of people just never will going to accept people's lackness. sikit2 nak menganjing org je tau. i really dont know what they learned at school. but most probably, cikgu dorang ni pun dok nak hina2 the eastern part of the malaysia kot. tengok je la the outcome of their works. habuk bende pun tak tahu. ni kawan ni, bukan lagi org lain. and these are some of the reasons why i really love my former group members. P3. you guys are the best. maybe because lots of them are from boarding school? idk. but when they asked, they really don't know. but they learned. and they respect. you know they never asked you about tinggal kat hutan etc etc.. they just so understanding. siap nak mintak kek lapis lagi kat aku. dah la aku ni tak sambut raya. hahahahahaha miss you guys. and i don't know, budak group P 123 mmg stylo la kot. sempoi. slumber. takde la nak mcm new member group aku ni. stress je aku tengok. seriously. they seem to be so pandai. mmg la diorg pandai. i know that. but but but... xpe la i always ask lots of questions from them anyway. i know i'm not a prodigy or well-known genius. so forget about it. just let them have their life. but the most important part of it, i don't do the same thing that these ignorant people used to be doing. i will respect them. tho this seems to be so disheartened. 

but but but..  i still want to rant on these topic. once and for all. we were discussing a topic on unity last monday. in muet class. as it is an independant day week for us. i really love the way the tutor was teaching us. it's so, you know. so reality. she just want to tell us that life is not just about us, being sitting to study. being ignorant of the whole universe. but then, one of my group member think differently of an article. she gladly opposed it. saying that the government didn't really "successfully" manage this racism matter. which i really agree. but for the second article. she shot my heart using a bazooka. seriously. i, and i was sure the rest of sarawakian are so angry at that time, but due to our hospitality, we just didn't object her. its useless. she said, "the writer are so, you know like want to talk bad stuff about Malaysians while she talk good stuff about her foreign friends.". the problems here was just that, she didn't understand what the writer want to convey to the world. she get it wrongly. really. the article was just a sarcasm. sarcasm to people just like her. what the writer wants to tell people, especially Malaysians, is that, "why can't you accept me while all the rest of the world accept me without reasons?". students who went to study abroad always said that the people in other country are so warm. not like malaysians. for me, that including you. you never do anything of it. you are part of it. so, foreigner can accept you as it is, they respect us although we're minority in the country. they made books of us. as a human being. not as a "MINORITY ORANG ULU" that the local writer wrote about us. see? no racism? i think tis is one of the reasons why people here in peninsular malaysia look down on us so much. 

actually i have so much to say but i think i'll continue next time. au revoir!


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