It Will Never be Too Late.

I was reading some bio of a friend of mine yesterday and it was about "i HATE nerds". and i was just laughin all aloud you know. because the only thing inside my heard was just about how funny it is if that become something meme. you know, like "Y U No etc..etc...". so tweet this, " idk what to say but when u say "i hate nerds" aren't you sayin that you hate urself?? 0_o heh." was i tooo  much? i'd never thought of you know "talking bad things about her", well i was just kidding. but it seems to be that she took it so seriously that she unfollowed and blocked me on twitter. and i was like, "the Werrrrrrrrffffddddddd?" heh. so funny.

and when i realize that she was angry at me that she wanna slap me like a pig. etc... bulan ramadhan lagi nak mencarut bagai. oh maaannnnn. heh. and then the funny thingy was that there are some fire stone too. ==' the hell how you guys think. but neva mind. hater will always gonna hate. but just to let you know, its normal to get annoyed to people but don't hate them. i don't hate you. its just sometime you're so, incredibly annoying. just that you never know how people tend to change attitudes when they're with you. just to let you know. heh. after i read your tweet lady, i was like

but, just so you know it, if im too much to you or i did something not acceptable to you guys, im sorry. it will never to late to apologize. heh



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