HOW i feel ? ? ? 0__o

haha. k. now that i have tis free time. leisure time. no labs for today. so kinda free for throughout the evening. till tomorrow morning. hehe. you'll never know how i really want to tumbling from tis 6th floor. hahaa. bungee jumping? better not. hehe

how i feel?
k. tipu. not so la. more thinking than talking. more input with no output. endless thinking. all 24/7. beauty of  life not cherish enough. tatau la nak kata. how to say. my mid sem is next two week i guess.  a week after tis holiday next week.  i know im not ready just yet. but i know i'll try my best. no turning back now. tho the result might be not so good as 4 rata. but i i'll be thankful for it worth all my courage and my tears and blood. haha. k enough already.

*p.s. sedih because we'll be changing group after the mid sem exam. ==' but good luck to all my group mates.


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