hello peeps!
okay, first, long time no see. quite busy at the moment. seriously busy. now that i realize that it will never be easier than this as you strive for the best. but little that i know earlier that, your performances didn't collaborate much with the place you're actually in. it still 99% from you. you. and you. being here, now as pasumian or asasian in um. sound so cool isnt? but most part of it, we'd been tortured mentally, (so true), physically? (just due to the process of getting to the study places). getting 4 flat or "4 rata" not just about you studying here etc.. but its about your survival. life here in pasum, how to say. it was awesome. great. but that's the outer part how it looks like, not the written. with all the tutorials. tests. labs. packed. other have them too but they are not force or no pressure much compared to us. some got only one lab per week and just for one science subject a week. while us? every week with lab and reports. then tutorials and tests. weekend? is just a blink of an eye. mid semester is tomorrow and tomorrow. just around the corner. my short ambition to get great results. but test physic pun dah tekapai kapai. how to? im not telling that im not trying, did i? no, i tried so hard in it. but how to say, its hard la. every night tak cukup tido. hahaha. standard la. but at the very least i have to have a quality sleep. to sleep like a baby is my goal. that i put t on my wishlist too. haha so lame isnt?. panda on the making. baru sebulan. baru sebulan. belum lagi sampai sem 2. but i darely say, im proud of myself that tho if my results will be not so good, at the very least i did tried my best. i didnt play around here. im serious. im not judging. God knows the best for me. and when he gave you something, it means that you are capable to do it. i believe in this. so i just go with the flow. together. when the others run, i'll run tho im late or slow. i'll try. k, then~       


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