keep walking.

okay. a very quick post here today. hehe..
the things that i should be reporting since azali lagi. hehe. k here goes.

1. i'd switched to hayat. and so here the biology subjects are sliding in my head now. and just ignore my older post. they are meaning less now. because i know i have to go forth and never look back. 

2. i am totally jealous to see my roomate budak alam bina. seriously their life here are such a bliss.  lecture tak pack sangat. and they have life. 

3. i miss my cats tho i dont like them. i miss their existent. 

4. last but not least.
so tho lots of things happened recently. they are just because we are too close. so its normal.
mesti lah boring kn tengok org samaaaa sja everydday. so gaduh2 la skit2. hahahahahaha childish kn. godai la del. hehe


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