If God Brings You To It. He'll Bring You Through It.

yeah i really couldn't believe it that i'd been here for a week already. had gone through the orientation week and etc.. seriously. haha.. my opinion about the orientation? which they called it as MHS (minggu haluan siswa). it was awesome. really. maybe mostly because we were handled by ex-pasum and not the degree's holder scholars. obviously they are just a year ahead of us so they way we think are slightly the same. so they were not so strict and although there were conflicts and etc.. they were just like siblings fighting with each other. hahaha no offense. they were just gimmicks. bravo to all the facilitators, which they called here as PP (pembantu pelajar). they don't want to be called as kakak or abang, bro or sis. they hated it. hahahahahaha.. most of the PP had done their very best really in acting to be so bold and fierce. seriously mmg tabikk arr. to those who are not familiar to these kind of custom of addressing the seniors, they really find it as burdens. but obviously people just do their best. biasa laa orientasi. mustahil tak kena marah. lol..

at first when i get to know that i was listed to join the kesenian which are going to do presentation at the end of the mhs. i was seriously sick of it and was thinking of escaping. but then all of my friends, from smsl were also listed and so i was like, "owhh ok, just try". and so when we were called to gather at dewan gemilang, i was sent to join the koir tari. while pafi and AQ dikir barat. Aimi, sabu n ona join the sketsa. so, meaning to say that we didn't actually join the whole mhs where we were busy practicing for the presentation. so that's why i said, "it was awesome". for real. we were not scold. and actually we were quite discipline. budak persembahan tak lawan pp or lambat bagai. we were always on time. ceeewahh.haha siapa nak puji if bukan diri sendiri kn. hehe kidding. 

and so the performance were great. and i didn't even nervous because the spotlight were so striking that we couldn't even see the audience. we only saw the vips which were sitting at the front line. and i'm feeling awesome there. it was indeed a once in a life experience. i will never do such things again i guess. and now as lectures had already started. i can feel the tense already. although the schedule now are quite not-so-pack but i can feel it already. and i know that i really have to be serious. ain't a genius or prodigy. i have to do my best. give my very best. to get the best. but obviously i have lots of problems but yeah i'm trying to be bold. it is a must. since before i was entering um, there had been lots of problems keep on coming to me. and i don't know why. i didn't get any scholarships. get sicks before going to um. then it seems like that i can't change my course. because obviously budak hayat banyak gila. and banyak budak fizikal yang apply hayat same like me too and with  better results than me. so i'd made up my mind. if it is meant that i can't change my course, i'll try my best in physicals foundations. i'll try. because i know and i realize that i'm not so good in both. if i change to hayat, it is not guaranteed that i will score greatly. who knows maybe God plans it for me? so i will just do my best in whatever they are. 

and what i get through my observations and research so far.
1. no relationship other than with God.
2. when we are making friends. honesty is very important. don't lie and act like it just for the sake of getting them to be our friends.
3. Kolej 12 banyak kucing. pusak yang teramat cukup makan. semua sihat2. haha..
4. the food is okay. and ada gerai masakan sarawak. i dont know whether people even know about it. but i heard them klaka sarawak.

and now i realize that we are really still young. newbies. we haven't know much about the world. and yet we still berlagak nak tunjuk pandai. an intelligent person shouldn't put aside their heart, they should shape it from now to those who haven't. a great person is the best in everything. not just intellectually. 


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