how was the lecture?

hey guys. life's good huh? haha. no one contact me until just now. hehe not so. recently. maybe because all are busy with their hectic life. (ehh holiday pun busy?? 0_o the what?) *telunjuk-ke-lantai-gali-lubang-n-die* tak kesah pun ekceli. who cares? (i actually care so much :/) will you believe it. haha!<---banyak menyampah reading this kind of writing. tak la juga kn. hehe..
lectures? i think it is good for now. but now i realizes that i don't want to change my course anymore. and i am scared that i get it. i missed all the biology lectures. how do you expect from that. and this really am worrying me. if i was able to change it since the first day, it will be so much better. and it will be the best if they tell us from the start that it is impossible to change courses this year because there is no space available. easy isn't? but they didn't and we have to wait for a week. im frustrated. now, i really am speechless. to imagine what am i going to do tomorrow if the result is out. what exactly am i going to do. do i have to stay in physical or do i have to change. jsnfsivuneogiunsivjnslkf. forget it. the important part is that i survive this kind of torment. do my best and excel. nothing is more important than that. tukar kos pun if nanti result teruk tarak guna jugakk. kn. true what. so i pledging here today that i will :

1. shorten the time i use on social networks.
2. shorten the time i chat nonsense things with my buddies.
3. be positive, optimist.
4. share with my friend the problems that i have instead of getting stress and etc..
5. study hard in the most smart way. i know that i'm not genius. 
6. no more sayings, "ur better than me". why? because that will lower ur self-esteem. believe in yourself.
7. use all your senses wisely. 
8. love my own life.

k, then~


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