DON'T WORRY. it'll be just fine.

"don't worry about me", that is all i can say to my parents. well i know that that is what parents are meant to be. to raise us, worry bout us, comfort us and all the noble things that books might told you. but as children, do we really expect that? as if that we as their child are meant to be a burden for them. i don't like the idea. and so i was thinking of lots of "hows-to" ways to deal with this suffocating thing. i think so hard of it. not without reasonable reasons. i have my own reasons. 

after all the things that i had been going through, i realize lots of thing and i learn so much. on how to deal with problems, people, how to act, think. and after all of these, i realize that they made us as an adult to be so coward and so all-to-our-selves. i might be wrong and i'm open for comments and critics. these are through my observations. but i just go on with the flow.

i am wondering on how to survive without using so much money. even the essential part of living need lots of money. my MUET's tutor, mrs maha gave us lots of tips today and i am thinking of sharing them with you guys. first of all, we really have to plan on everything we do s we are living in a very extraextra big city. so we should prioritize something and care less on the others. so first on the list, of course food. we're human right. so put the other useless things aside such as buying other things. then buy only educational or related to courses things only. as they are also essential for us as students. then the other are not important. put the other aside as they are not meant for us the budak pasum to be doing. you are not working yet and money means everything these days. here is where it struck me the most as i know that i'd been using lots of money recently. but of course i'm not using them on useless things but only on foods, books and some other things. but the thing is, i'm using the money as if they were mine. and that really is making me feel horrible. more horrible than the feeling that i get after my first physics experiments. LOL.. haha

but mrs chandran really made a great change on how i think today. she said, "as we are living in this city where it is the hub of the malaysia. everything happen so fast so in-the-blink-of-an-eye. it makes us keep on walking forward. if you don't step ahead you'll be left behind.". i love it. haha. then she told us that find opportunity to attend all kinds of events held in kl. but of course w.r.t the budget that we had set up. but buying and paying for something memorable is very meaningful and it keeps ourselves ahead of the other. if you don't like to hear classical or orchestra concert, grab a chance someday and go. try it. and see. so in future we can say, "i'd been there...watching....". because here is all the thing happen. so here is where planning is very important. use the money with greatest rational. think wise. and i really am looking forward to improve my english. maybe it is not about the language but maybe it is because of my not-outspoken type of person. aku tengok org tak lah terer sangat speaking tapi confident habis. haha yeah i know my problems and i am looking forward to upgrade myself. k, then~

pst, aku group p3 tutorial. 3 orang je boys. =="


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