You Are Not Cool

Hello world! it had been a while. yeah so much things happened lately. some important, some not so. but they made me realize so many thing that i'd never thought before. it's good to be optimist but without effort and courage, you will never be better than the other. believe me. i'd been through three interview so far and i think there is none left. i'm not bragging but to show and tell about my stupidity and dullness. i realize that i didn't put enough effort to change into a better person. i should have make a fast move after my first interview, the moment i realize my problem, the things that i lack of. but i didn't. that is why. i'm leading my future into the place that i didn't even hope for. i should have struggle more to speak out loud, be more confident, read lots of latest news. ni tak. nak harapkan pandai cakap bi xkan bawa kita ke mana2. seriously. pandai cakap tapi xda isi, xda guna. seriously. and i just burn my chance as easy as that. so if you dont want to waste your chance, change and do your best. bayangkn the examiner said to me at the Q&A session. "what is your role in this discussion?". tak kau rsa mcm kena hentak kat dinding tu? so if you dont want to be in the same condition like me, better change. and one thing, jangan bodo sombong. if tak tau something, better ask people who know about it.

okay, so now obviously mmg dah comfirm la aku nak masuk pasum. because if nak urus masuk matriks dah tak sempat. hujung minggu ni sepatutnya dah masuk. aku blum urus satu benda pun yg matriks tu. so yg aku dah urus untuk masuk um la. but after interview ni, tetiba aku dah hilang keyakinan untuk ke mana2 pun. despite my result in spm, as if i'm a super duper stupid guy. idk, mmg demoralised habis la aku kena lady in blue tu (interviewer). seriously. ayat dia. aduuuuuuuhh. sakit. ok then i'm gonna daftar 27th. cepatknn.. haha! idk la nak ckp apa. nak ckap susah, nothing is easy in life. so i'll try my best. aku rasa semua budak 94 mmg tengah ready2 nak masuk n sambung belajar sekarang ni. but now that i know, i should be doing my best. 

but something bad happen to me recently. have you ever have a swollen face after toothache? im having it at the moment. infection on the face because of bacteria entered the body system through the teeth. so my face swell and now look like an ugly pumpkin. yang sedihnya lagi benda ni kira bahaya gak, if bacteria tu masuk ke are otak, bye2 study la. retarded or paralyzed la otak anda. tu yg doktor ckap kat aku td. tak kau rasa terkejut and takut? actually my plan was to meet the dentist and wait whether to tampal or cabut je gigi tu. buthen, dah muka aku swell like this, aku jumpa doctor tadi, trus after sampai dari kk. mmg heartbroken time dengar benda cam ni. what if, aku tak jumpa doktor td and it get worse? tak kau gila? so moral of the story is, keep yourself clean. aku rasa infection bacteria tu sbb aku selalu pegang gigi aku yg sakit tu. tangan tak cuci kn. so bacteria masuk. and jadi la swelling bagai ni. mmg kesilapan sindiri. sendiri yg tanggung. k, then~ 


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