OH, The Places You'll Go

yeah. life is short. and so we tend to have lots of ambitions and hope.  things that we want to do and have and etc.. to success in life. in studies. having a great life. and all of this started since we understand how life works. and i believe all of us are the same. even if you just go on your life following the flow, at the very least you still hope for having a great blessed life. see? you still wish for it. and for me, i have lots of things that i had always wish for. 
remember me telling about my scholarship interview? yeah, i just decline it through my stupid acts. forget it. means forget all this hope of going elsewhere. adventure in other place. travelling. taking pictures. seeing people. other culture. custom. no more. forget it for now. but who know i'll get the chance to further my studies later? for degree or masters? perhaps? who knows right. impossible is nothing. the most important thing to do now is just to move on and do your best in everything. just don't make something so reckless in the future that will make you suffer of regretting about your own acts. just like now. be strong. change. 

okay. when i woke up this morning, i was wondering on how am i going to endure the difficulties. the question is how? and how do i feel? i feel like you're going out from a cave or a hole, into a new place, new world that you haven't understand yet and you are struggling so hard to tune in. but then i realized that the problems here is just that i care too much. haha! so forget it del. all people are dealing with the same thing. have faith. you can do it. km then~
getting out from a cave. but in addition with people holding stakes welcoming us to their place. haha!


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