hello world! remember me telling about my swollen face after toothache? i hope that i'll get better as fast as possible. seriously i don't want this kind of thing to ruin everything. me getting into uni and etc.. seriously. but the idea of having pus accumulating under my face really freaks me out. consuming antibiotic to kill all the bacteria inside and etc.. aww i really hope i'm getting better, so pray for me dear readers. remember me in your prayer. :/

haha! okay. when i was in kk, just right after the interview we went to watch the avenger. actually i'd watch it on my lappy. but i watched it again just to try the 3D version. haha. it was awesome. i like it. and again when we get excited to things that we like, we turned into a retarded for a few seconds. haha.. it was great! again, going out with payan n iqbal. shopping. not so, just buying important stuff that all must have. but because some of us are "extremely picky" haha! so it was so hard like you know, searching for 3 hours just for a thing. hahahahahahahaha.. k, lawak. penat gila jejalan. dah la aku sakit gigi time tu. ==' how dare they didn't have sympathies toward me. aku sakit gila time tu. before the face get swollen. entah berapa biji panadol aku telan. last2 tu takut gak aku keracunan because makan terlalu banyak panadol. tp dah tak dpt tahan kn. sakit gila. :/ so now i'm lying down waiting for this thing to end.


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