small reunion

hello peeps! hehe..bapak awal bangun. kah3..last wednesday, after so long. we met for the first time. baru jumpa member2 time kecik2 dulu kah3.. seriously mmg nebes dan awkward. tp kn kmi org ni yg happy go lucky type of people. (and haven't change at all!!) but maybe i changed a lots compared to them. and so, i just kept silent. *smacked head. 

i fetched them and so i now know all their house. i like it. we hang out throughout the evening and if i didn't have the seminar i would have extent it up to night time. well you know, it have beeen so long! i miss them a lots. i was planning to do lots of stuff with them but obviously we couldn't connect for some of the part. hehe..well we grow, haven't we. and well, they are all "girls". remembering that, i was actually extremely ashamed. really. i was the only guy. ==' hahaha..but we used to be together back then. i don't actually know how did we became best friends. lawak. but the only thing that i remember was that we studied in the same school for whole 6 years together. yeah. sharon(ayun), fed(del) and elis. since kindergarten. and even, elis, fed and i studied piano courses together. and so it was like we are together all the time. after school or after piano courses, we hangout together. mmg kmi org jak  la. as i remembered, we like to talk craps, and the most important part of all. we like to laugh. if org jumpa kmi org comfirm kmi org sedang ketawa like crazy. well these all are my childhood. and since i entered smsl, i changed too much and i grew. i was not so sportive and that i guess i brought them up to my secondary school. but i had tried so much to change that. and so tho that people never see me as a sportive person, i'm proud of myself. really. to be on a school hockey team presenting the school up to the national sbp league. i'd never thought of that. really. yeah i might look so lumpy. but i'm just satisfied. at the very least, i had tried my best. i don't care if no one ever appreciate my effort.

we chatted as if we never been apart. we talked about the same things that we used to talk. and obviously ayun and fed kn study here in our hometown and so they were the one who did answer lots of our question. and we discovered lots. banyak pulak yg sdh kawin batch kmi org. ada anak lg. :O unbelievable? believe it. when these kind of things happen, then i realize that how people think nowadays (they) are still the same like how the older generations think. my question is, "how is it even possible?". zaman dah berubah tp mengapa ada lagi yang tak nak pg sekolah, ada anak lg. tak pelik? just, how is that even possible? it really screwed me. and we really can't judge people by their appearances. we never know how they actually think. but who knows, maybe God have other things for them. but i really appreciate the time we'd been together. banyak dah berubah. but we're still the same people we used to be. to think about it. aku mmg susah sgt nak klik dgn budak2 laki, i meant my ex school friends. we changed. and so i'd discovered that boys changed a lots. compared to the girls. haha some even look just the same. kalau ada yang baca ni mmg mati la aku. kah3..but seriously my friend ni ayun, fed and elis seriously turned into a beautiful flawless lady. semua hotsetuff! gila kn. *telan air liur. me being with them feels so uncomfortable. kah3...guyss you know why!! 

hehe i think post ni agak girly kah3...tapi xpa kah3..k, then~ 


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