i'll start

Hey, how are you guys doing?? i'm just fine. lots of thing happened recently. a lots. the interview especially petronas interview that thrilled me off years ago, officially i'd went through it. without me knowing that the time passed by effortlessly. not the interview, but the time effortlessly passed by. but the most important thing here is that i'd done my very best. that's my limit of achievement i think. all the expected thing happened. i mumbled. nerves problems. but there is one thing that i'd discover that the examiner or etc.. never know. people really love to lie. they never show their true selves to the examiner or etc.. and so when i realize that i really don't know what to say and do. and there i realized how naive i was. people do whatever it takes to go to the highest peak. while i? keep myself as it is and talk about all the truth. maybe we thought that we were at the correct path but the problem is, they don't impressed to us. im sorry for the grammar errors. not feeling well at the moment.

we got this HAC at school last weekend. sadly i couldn't attend it. but i feel great that i didn't attend it because it doesn't worth it. compare to all my difficulties going there, if i go. baju melayu, sampin, etc.. penat my parent nak bagi duit beli ticket. masin peluh kerja 24/7 just for that. xnak susahkn parents la.. sorry x leh dtg majlis tu. but i really thankful at the very least ada laa jgk hadiah diorang bagi. i think it is normal la.. mmg biasa la tu layanan "5 star" dri mereka. saya mmg respect la. *tabik*. susah cari org2 cm tu.. special.. unik.. terbaik.. btul susah. but they actually can do better than that. sekolah lain boleh buat. x jugak sbt bagai.. dapat jugak buat yg grand2.. ada konvokesyen lagi.. hadiah yg sungguh lumayan..(cam ni barulah student berabis nak study).. ini menimbulkan persoalan. seriously. kenapa nak buat rekod hitam kat memori insan2 muda naif seperti ini? selain kehidupan asrama n students' life with friends. the other is bad memories. was is so hard? kmi x kan pernah lupa. x mudah untuk melupakan. walau kami dah memaafkan. perjalanan hidup kami masih panjang. kami ingat semua tuu.. and have u ever feel guilty? we'd been corrupted. zaman persekolahan should have been the best memories we ever have.. all the fun and excitement.. but now nothing is to be cherish. unless our own memories without you people. i'm greatly sorry.

ok haha..hari yg panas menyebabkan masalah mental. the paragraph kat atas ni mmg agak emotional. i'm sorry. kah3.. tapi betul laa.. you should create great people. not ruined their life like that. note that. it is serious. k, then~


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