Hi guys! do you have a great day? hope so. i'll always wish for that especially for you guys. One of my friends told me recently that it was hard to read in my blog because the fonts are so timid. ==' but sadly, i'm not going to make it bigger. if you have vision problem, perhaps? go and seek for eye specialist and make your spectacle etc.. but actually you can just use ctrl and scroll your mouse. okay, forget it.
do you believe in destiny? like harry had been destined to be the chosen one to kill lord voldermort. i don't know. but sometimes i feel that what we are today have been destined since we started to breath. people we know. how we get to know them. destined to be together. our achievement. we change and grow. but people may say that "if we are destined, why do people change?". my answer is, we are destined to change like that. either they are (+)ve or (-)ve changes. both have their roll in our life. but it is because of our destiny that we choose one of the choices. if we are destined to choose the bad path, susahlanakcakap eh? but still all are destined. when someone had pick the bad path, actually it makes lots of good impacts that we never realize. it shows that people still care for those people. we want them to change back or turn into something that we like. we care. we're human and that is what good being human. humanity. we malaysian mmg banyak mulut kn. busybody and etc.. but its okay. it makes us realize about our right to speak. recently issues about amalina had aroused malaysians' attention once again. but what is so great about it is that, there are still people who think positive about it. telling people that we should not curse and give out harsh comment on her, but pray for her instead. wish for her. no one is perfect. org yang bercakap tu pun bukan bagus sangat pun. kah3.. it had been destined that she did those things that are not malay's tradition or ethic. maybe it will make her repent or etc.. who knows? she will be someone who believes in God more than you guys? it is all destined. but these are not facts. but just something that came out from my mind. so jangan nak buat mesej berantai or something. really that makes me feels sucks!
i am not feeling so well recently. cough and flu. i hate it. so, yesterday i slept quite early that the usual time i used to sleep. but then i woke up around 2am and i checked on my phone. who knows suddenly message like "you have been call......". hehe kidding. but then yeah, one new message and so i read it. but then. it was a chained message. (mesej berantai). it was sucks. have you read one of mesej berantai yang minta kita forward the message to other before this time. etc..? its okay usually because it only about you if you don't sent it, you'll have bad luck or die and whatever. but this one is absolutely nonsense. "if you don't send this message, your mother will be kill before midnight. if you love your mother send it to your friends. i also get it from my friend." sampai cam ni lagi? ==' idk la tapi aku sedar mesej tu pun jam 2am. nak buat apa? do you believe in those stuff? i only believe in God. how about you? but honestly when i read that message. i felt uneasy at all. really. i felt that the world that i'm living in now is so dark and still there are people who believe in witchcraft and wizardry. yeah. there are still people out there. and so, it is so important to keep your relationship with God as close as possible.

sorry for speaking too much today. some of my friends, as i know are so down these days mostly because of their results in spm. which i think are really not worth if doing. please think out side of the box will you? be optimist and positive. not all engineer or doctors out there are so intelligent from the start. not all. people who are not good in their spm also can be an engineer or etc.. seriously. just do your best in your study in the future. strive for the best. attend diploma for 3 years and then attend for degree for 2 years. and voila your an engineer. or whatever course you take. teacher? doctor (it will be longer)? you can. ni tak, tak dapat stret As pun nak bunuh diri. ==' think wise man. think about it. siapa cakap peluang korang tak cerah. jangan berfikiran sempit la can. really. akalu setakat satu B pun dah putus asa. apa lagi kalau org lain yang tak ada As langsung? be wise. some of my friends here dapat 5As pun dah bersyukur habis. nak apply scholarships bagai lagi. so, be thankful and ask for God blessing. k, then~


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