Hello! Hows thing going on? Well? hope so. Facing and enduring difficulties is part of living. the tough get going. just assure yourselves that it will be just fine, God is with us. Appreciate all the things granted to us and just modestly be thankful. you'll enjoy living. you'll never regret for losing or even having anything. mostly because, you never think so hard on losing something because you understand that they're not whole yours in the first place. God created them for us. remember that.

So, i'm saying these just as a reminder not just mainly for you guys but mainly for me too. we're not perfect. doing things both bad and good again and again. committing crimes and left God behind. we always do that. relentlessly? flawlessly. committing sins. saying that "i'll change". but. what if you don't have the chance to change at all? what will you do? when you don't even have the choices? do you get what i mean? ex : what if you die at this instant. think wisely. are you good enough? me? i know where i stand. how i'd been living. i'm not good enough. not even worthy to enter heaven. so start now. change if you must. don't wait until something bad like disasters to make you realize. that won't do. but who knows. God is merciful. based on our own sincerity and honesty. courage.

recent news about the earthquake and tsunami gave me the idea and woke me from  these hectic life. we need close relationship with the creator. no matter what. okay, next. 
smart x? kah3... yeah i know *proud*. i didn't make it. my buddy did. PAYAN kah3.. i asked him to make it. for my new fb timeline cover pitchaa..tho its kinda "so publishing". urmmm oookaayyy laa..kah3..actually i only want the "edc team network" logo on it. for me it would be so awesome with it. no need all the urls and etc...  but again, thanks to my buddy, payan! 

next. for the first time in my whole life. except for the oral test at school. i will be attending an interview next week. WOW! petronas eduquest camp. gila kn. but i'll do my best. if i am not chosen by them later. i'm okay. yeah just be thankful. experience makes people. mmg bersyukur la. banyak org apply tapi tak kena pilih pg interview. and so i felt so blessed. thanks God. Afraid? yeah. a lil bit scared. siapa tak eh? kah3..but tadi dah minta tuka venue for the interview. nak save budget la kira. change it to kk. formerly kat kuchin. sarawakians eh. but i think kk obviously nearer and we can drive there from here. no need to book for flights and so. it was better. and my most or all of my friends are going there too. so, it will be alright. i believe that whatever happen, it will be alright. just do it. making mistakes is normal, so wish for my luck readers. may God bless us. k, then~


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