tomorrow is d-day

eh hey guys. i'm in l.f.t right now. i'm staying in lutazzi's place. its ok, not much different actually. im the one who changed too much. was a lil bit rainy on the way to the island but then, it was greatly sunny. but i miss the whether. then, we went to swim  at complex swimming pool.  his mother had successfully increase my weight. hahaha..i'm totally full!...thanks! i really appreciate it. btw, today we also had our small party at pizza hut. and so, i was so full for all this time till now! kah3...

just now, i phoned my mother as she told me earlier yesterday to phone her when i'd arrived. and then i asked her whether someone had phone our house phone. and she said that there are someone who did call but no one was around except my grandmom. she answered the call but she can't hear. so idk who did called just now, hahaha...hopefully, it was from the ministry. amen. but hoping for too much is killing. note that.

seriously risau laa...haha tomorrow result keluar. but what more important is what u do after that..thanks God for all the good and bad things that You have granted me. and so, whatever the result that You will be giving me. i'll take it gratefully. but readers please pray for me too. k, then~ 


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