Our Life in the Future Depends on What You Do Now

when i woke up this morning, this is how i feel. mcm culture attack. yesterday i was going out together with my fellows buddy. it was great, tho there were some unavoidable conflicts. but seriously, conflicts did stung. and i always avoid myself from being attach in the conflict. but again, thanks God for every things. Love You.
my stuff are still stuck inside the luggage. jadi jeruk. kah3. malas gila nak unpack. yg penting i'd show both of my parents my results slip. and they obviously just fine with it. they were busy btw. so, i don't want to slip into their hectic life. but honestly i was not satisfied with their satisfactions of me. i want to see a dramatic expressions like crying, or even shouting! kah3..my bad. but they just acted so easy and like nothing happened. haha...thats my pa n ma. haha.. i want them to be like this. lol..
but seriously, those three night stays in lutazzi's place was awesome. and i'll never forget those great time together with my buddies. we have bbq at the beach, last outing together at uk. the last time maybe. but sadly, some didn't want to spend the time together anymore. yeah, people change. we can't tell them what to do. we do what we could and what we thought are the best for ourselves. but seriously, thanks lutazzi for everything. you let me drive too kah3... i always want to drive a car in victoria f.t. but, i'm sorry too if id turned your room upside down. kah3.. and i also menyempit kat katil. lawak gla. but yeah, life is never so easy. i'd been applying for scholarship recently. but i was rejected by some. the requirement for the straight As of A+ and A only are really leaving me dead behind. why call it as an A is you didn't approve it? so funny. was it a joke? for real! when i get to know that i get straight As, i know that i hope too much to get some scholarship and further my studies overseas. i hope for it. but to no avail, they don't want A-. i got 4 A-, and almost all of the scholarships require 8As, consist of A+ and A only. if that is the case, then i only have 5 As. frust eh? but why? are they saying that A-, which are equivalent with A2 in the former system are not up to the standard? is this a joke readers? im all freadking sad right now. do they think that we are dumb?  i would never hope too much if i didn't get straight As. really. but when i get it, i hope for it. thats the problems. but i'm good in ignoring. so, i guess the problems is no offense. hehe.  i'm okay now.  


then, to those, my friends who didn't get straight As. it doesn't matter. think positively and be optimist. if you think that you are better than the one who get straight As, strive for it then. do your very best in undergraduate studies, get great results and apply for JPA scholarship. and then, fly overseas. thats the path now. there is no easy path than that. the straight As students also are gasping for air right now to compete with students who get all straight A+. so, be positive. and to think about it, when you get average 3,or 4 As. it is okay. really. there are people out there who don't even have As. so, think about it and be thankful. really. 

i'm alone now. and i regret of going back home. i'm lonely. but i'm used to it. no one to discuss, no one to talk craps, no one to poke2, no one to do whatever together. k, then~


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