a new day. a new path to go.

good morning peeps...hehe

okay, now i'm greatly fine. and i'd prove myself that i'm able to endure it. it wasn't hard btw. i'd been thinking too much lately. i thought that it will be something so dramatic and "happening". kah3.. and so i thought that i wanna snap and take some videos as my memories. but then, nothing really happen. all seems to be matured, and i'm proud with it. there will be nothing in my whole life that makes me prouder that this. not just yet, maybe. my batch had made a new record for our ex-school with 23 got straight As, (they are scramble tho, A+, A and A-) but there are 3 bright "girls" who get straight A+. for real. and i'm proud with them for being 3 of the 559 students from all around Malaysia who get straight A+, one of them is from my hometown in Sarawak, one from Sabah and the other from Labuan. i'm so happy too, because i'm one of the 23. kah3... seriously i'm speechless. from the first time at my class back then, i'm one of the students in my class that had been "left" behind. hahaha no la. it was just that we were not targeted to be one of the students who will get straight As. mmg down gila. seriously. although i knw that i'm in the best class. 

then, yesterday morning, all of us had been hoping and waiting for a call from the ministry as we'd been informed that the one who get straight will be given a call by the ministry. but our waiting didn't give us "any" excitement. rather than mere frustration. and so, lutazzi and i went to the airport to fetch our fellow friend, mirul at the airport. it was 11am. then suddenly we received a call from my friend apep, he told us about the 23 student from our school get straight As. and 3 of the 23 got straight A+. we were so happy that we might jump to the sky and destroy the entire airport, if we could, we'll do it. lol...

but then, there comes the sad part. i thought that, if it is 23 only, then i might be one of the students in my class who didn't get it! and i went gloomier. later, lutazzi received a call from cikguu adnannnn!! and so, lutazzi get straight As!!! we were so happy. but i'm down because i might not get it. we waited for more than 10mins. and then, thanks God iqbal called me. and he told me that i get it too. they were having a photograph at that moment with the director of the ministry. and lutazzi and i were not there. well, why didn't they give us a call earlier than that? what if we died first due to frustration?
but yeah, as i always said. i'd never expect to get it but when it happen to be a new record, i want to be one of them who created them. it affects me. but seriously, when i know that i get straight As, i was screaming, not so la, but because the airport produce too much echo, so it was loud. memalukan. kah3...kn happy sgt..^^
mmg release sgt. but actually i don't know what i really feel like. i'm speechless. blank. really don't know what to do. the school didn't give us better compliment and any specialties rather than some mere eerily look. and those eyes were so frustrating. what had we done? that makes you feel bad about us? we had done our very best. kalau kami org dulu, senior km org dpt result gempak mcm ni, mmg happy gila. happy sekolah ada org mcm tu. ni tak, mcm nak bunuh pulak kami ni. kami tau la korang tu perfect. kami ni outcast. but still we had made a new great record. and of course la kami pun nak berharap kalau boleh korang nnti dapat semua straigt As. ni tak, mcm menyampah pulak tengok kami org. punyalah demanding sgt nak kami semua straight As. mmg la nak, but if this is what God had granted us, nak buat apa lagi? bersyukur laa... but we're fine with it. like we even care about it. no offense to us at all. we are strong. korang nak layan karenah junior pun nak melalak kat fb. hurm. karenah korang dulu lagi lipat ganda annoying. tak caya? btulll...anak2 intan payung. but ini untuk kesedaran la..jangan judge org with our appearance, tho that korang vogue, bergaya if hati busuk mcm garbage. tarak guna laa...sedih la mcm ni. nnti if korang dpt layanan mcm tu tahu lah korang. 

but as always. i'll always forgive people like these. i know that it is just a matter of time that you will realize about it. you will matured and know. you will understand someday. i think that i'd talk too much this morning. hehe k, then~        


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