International Women's Day 2012

hello! is March 8th, 2012. time surely passed so fast. as if that i'm going through a time machine. kih3.. btul tak tipu, tp ni la hidup kn.. la jugak..kalau lama sangat masa berlalu, boleh jadi gila dibuatnya.. nasib la 3 bulan. bukan setahun..kah3..but anyway, today is the International Women's Day. so nak wish apa eh? to all women, "Happy International Women's Day!". and so, just like the other guys throughout the world, "hormat la manusia bergelar wanita ni, dan layan mereka dengan baik. semua wanita berhak untuk mendapatkan yang terbaik seperti lelaki juga." something like that. more or less. our mother is a woman too right? 

aku pun tak tau la apa nak jadi dgn dunia sekarang ni. semakin kita stress on something, lebih lagi la orang nak buat. sebagai contoh, kalau kena larang students tu untuk merokok, lagi la nak buat kn. tak kira dah berapa juta kali kena tegur or kena warning oleh pihak berkenaan, tetap jugak buat. human trafficking pun dah kena tekankn oleh kerajaan. poster dimerata-rata tempat lagi. tapi msih jugak buat kn. ni lah yang dikatakan "sudah manusia tu mmg la manusia..". no one is perfect kn? but anyway, semua ada hak mereka masing2. hak untuk menentukkan hala tuju hidup masing2. bagi yang mempunyai kesedaran, sharing cm ni pun dah cukup la. nnti free2 kena cop busybody. kih3.. tapi ni la norma or style hidup org sekarang. nak buat mcm mn lagi kn.. 

okay, today imma going to talk a lil bit about what people usually do in fb n other social networks. and before that, actually im thrilled and feels so awkward. why? because i'd never thought that people would come to my blog and read stuffs. and so, i didn't put any trafficking and i really don't know who did come and read my craps. i really don't know who you are. but i'm aware that my pageviews were increasing rapidly, recently, but without any evident. well, i know that i always talk craps, but when i knew that someone are reading my craps, i'm speechless. thank you btw. i appreciates it so much! kih3.. 

nowadays people spend their time, not just their leisure time, but almost all the time on social networks like facebook and twitter. well, that's great! we connect with people, just as easy as that. but now, some might realize that these social networks aren't safe anymore. and that is mostly true. and even for fellow malaysians who are most likely to share almost everything about their life on  those social networks. and it is proven after a survey made by rd last year, more than 50% of malaysian weren't scared of sharing about their life on sn like fb. well, i guess you guys must already know what i'm goin to say. and so, i'm not going to say about the consequences. both bad and good effects. but im going to talk about how are we going to be useful on fb or etc..?

there are so much things that we can do on those sn. but why do you have to talk nonsense almost all the time? we are actually "sharing" somethings. do you share some bad words and even curses with people? let me give you something easy to comprehend. imagine that we don't have those sn. and we connect with people just by meeting them. on sn, we have so much friends and we can meet them on sn when they are online too. in real life, we meet them. so, imagine that in a hall and they come. just like when you're online in sn. then if you post something in sn, while if we are in a hall, we stand at the front and say something. and the other people who are present will hear what you're talking. this is how it actually works on sn. so, when you are cursing and saying bad words. know what i meant? well, some may gain sympathies and supports sometimes. but i just don't like it. and i know that almost all of us, have that kind of friends who like to mencarut and melalak. 
kan baik kalau kita share something that are beneficial to us. post something that will make other people smile and happy, instead of adding people's difficulties. obviously, all of us here nowadays, the younger generation know that life is not always going on like we have had wished them to be like. mostly happened the other way around. so, don't make something that are meant to help and useful to human races become something detestable. sekarang ada yg dah cop fb sebagai tempat org gaduh2. while twitter tmpt terbaek. smua org baik kat twitter laa..hik3..whats the different? kawan korang kat dua2 benda tu sma pun..??so i think to those who like to mencarut tak tentu pasal tu, sedar la ni milik semua org. jgn smpai ada org mati sbb stress baca status korang...malaysia blm ada lagi kes cm ni, but tempat lain ada. hehe.. but i don't have the right to change people's life and style. kalau dah mmg cm tu yang terlintas di fikiran dia nak mencarut. tu hak dia.. but i just want to share something beneficial. share la something happy, lawak, org stress pun happy. kan bagus..kita pun dapat juga pahala...hehe..

Highly stressed people are more prone to chronic insomnia. jd, relax and enjoy our life. we should lie our life like there is no tomorrow. cherish all the moment that we had before it is too late. k then~  


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