don't give up on me.

i'm not perfect but please don't give up on me. morning peeps! hope you're well. yeah i like the quote. really. love. friendship. education. parenting. all of those relationship needs something like this. just don't ever give up on me. friends, teachers, mom, dad. i need you supports. i think all of us need that. no matter how much we are not in the state of being close to our family, we still need it. it is unpredictably great to see someone who still go on with their life after bad things happened to them. seriously. i am. or maybe it is mostly because it didn't happened because of their false. and so, it was great vistas. thanks God they are physically safe and sound. only partly mentally scratched. hope you guys are all well. 

i was actually thinking so hard on how am i going to go on with my life. afraid? 
so,what would you do if you weren't afraid? i'll do anything. hehe don't you? i will if i could. i'll do anything. but we're afraid. for so many things. rulers make us afraid. religion makes us afraid, though God always said, "do not be afraid". but of course we have to be afraid to Him. we'll never do anything until we know if they are something worth doing and the implication are not so bad. but what happen when we are afraid with our own life? future? honestly i'd been thinking about it nonstop until i was deadly exhausted. well, all people want to have a great future. a great life. and i'd seen so many people, my seniors, who had a great future and path of life. and i was so eager to live a life like theirs. i'm jealous, envious. but fortunately not so demanding. 

nowadays, there are so many people who are great at their studies. their achievements are undeniable. and people have their own fortune. differ to each and everyone of us. see, my senior,the batch a year ahead of us didn't broke the school records like we did. but some of them managed to further their studies where they're meant to be. but now lots of scholarship are meant for those who have great results in their undergraduate exams. so, they(my seniors) have great opportunities to further their studies overseas. thanks God i'm so jealous. know what, you guys are just so lucky. for real. with more than 500 students my batch who achieved straight A+s, and thousands made it straight As. how am i going to survive? to put myself in between these great people. idk. afraid? maybe. and it is even hard to enter a good uni. but, i think they are true after all. whats important now is we're still breathing. and you survive. no matter what and where you study. do your best and you will be rewarded. k, then~


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