yawning..v_(-O-)_/ morning guys. i am making that face for the entire time now. why? well, i'm actually quite jello with those who get straight A+. they are obviously so lucky and fortunate. but when i think optimistically, urmm well, i'm still lucky to get straight tho not straight A+.  hehe yeah, there are thousands who didn't get like i did. so, be thankful deil! you just have to keep strong and strive for the best. to edc, i'm proud of you. you'd done great.

thinking that my long vacation is about to end soon, i really don't know what to do. my feeling and stuff. how am i going to put myself later. how? i just don't know. but one thing that i know for certain, people don't appreciate bright students so much nowadays. for real. they smirk. they might even curse you. and so, i'm a lil bit sad. but well, haters will always hate. though there aren't even a reason for it. they just hate. but, just to let you know. i forgive you. there is only one person in my entire life so far that i'd never tried my best to forgive and so i felt horrible about it. it is just that the whole thing about this person, all the things that are connected to this person is just so fucking annoying. mark my words. i just couldn't. idk why. but obviously i'd done my very best to ignore the presence of the unlucky person, and so i'd succeed to forget about it. and so it is a good thing after all. i didn't hate this person so much like i'd used to. and so, thank you Lord!. hehe..

my parents brought me to dine with bishop of our diocese in TL restaurant yesterday. it was just fine. people bought the tickets and the place was crowded, i mean, it was full. it was to celebrate his 75th birthday. Long Live His excellencies! hehe may God bless you always! my dad was given ten sits, and tickets and so he was asked to sell them. and so, my dad invited all the teachers that he knew. and so, i was the only one who was not a teacher. some were happy for my result, some even gave a smirk. and i was not happy for that. i'm sad. for real but its okay, i understand. its normal anyway. btw, yesterday i'd just discover that i like to eat bean curd! funny isn't? really.. kah3... but thanks God the other said that it was not delicious. and so i stop eating. respects. okay thats all for now. k, then~


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