Au revoir fevrier et bonjour mars!

hi guys!! au revoir fevrier et bonjour mars!

i feel great to be still alive. i'm breathing right? hehe yeah! (flipshair) oh no, i cut it short ody and so no flip2 your hair. haha...welcome march, i really want to hug you tightly and so, you'll never be bad and naughty. be nice to me and give me back the pleasures... no prev!. to all 2011 SPM leavers. be good, calm and strong!! well, 22 days to go, and it will be d-day! really, be strong. no matter what you'll get, never ever lost hope and even think of doing something stupid. k, all will be alright, just keep on breathing. slightly you'll get better just in case something bad occur. here, i give you some coke to drink..
some gummy..
an owl. for sending me letters. hahaha
just tell me if you got some problems, who knows i might be able to give some hands on it. stalk me? check them out from the author. you can just inbox me in fb or just dm me in blue birds.^^

okay enough worries with this spm things. i don't want to be so into it too much that it would burst my head. even one of the great students also feel down at the moment, what about me? a mere one. no one know me, so. i'll just be fine, i guess. no matter what happen, i'll just be thankful. 

i'd been searching for my cat, mr. jingga for almost a week. he's went missing and he had made me dead for almost everyday searching. but fortunately he came yesterday once, and he went away, again. but when i checked on his body, he was limping. his right back leg was injured! there were blood coming out from that leg. so i was thinking, "owh, no wonder you can't go back here.". ololololooo....cian. but then, after i gave him something to eat, he went  away. and it made me on fire! guess what? you still want to go? limping with that leg you had?? he insisted. so i let him go. and till now he isn't around. stupid cat. i just want to give you a 5 stars treatment, but you just choose the harder path. great. but to let you know, you just broke my heart. 
he is obviously big now and so i'm cherishing all the time since he was young, small. but i know he, a male cat, is something normal for them to go around, fighting for territories and stuff. but to tell you, jingga is not strong and tough. he's big but he is somewhat gentlemen. he wouldn't use his toes easily. it was something rare that when he even did it. he never made scars on me compare to the other cats that we have. and so, he actually aren't made for a fight! hehe, sorry boy. so, it's better for you just come back and stay here. i'll nurture you and make you feel better. for real.

today is the first time drive on my own, and i feel great. haha. i went on driving around the town again and again like a freak. trying to cover all the town. just fine. and so i'm going to use my time greatly till rev comes back next sunday.  i'm going to us her car till it's wheels wear off. really. bad. just kidding..but mom, i also want a car..2nd hand pun boleee leee..pleaseeee.... hahaha..k, i'm just kidding. i'm bored at the moment. so k, then~


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