5 days left from d-day

hahaha...morning peeps! tak tau nak kata apa...but seriously, skarang ni mmg dub...dab..dub... restless. kah3..acting cool lar knon..tp hakikatnya mmg nebes nak tergolek-golek. like the girl yo!.. kah3... bayangkn penantian dah nak berakhir...hurmm...so, pray for my luck guys..i'll really appreciate it so much. thanks. n may God bless you and grant all your wishes..

yg lawaknya...kah3..pernah tak krng risau about something and then smpai termimpi-mimpi. miahahaha...lawak gila...when i woke up in the morning, as if penat gila..mimpi yg seriously real..kah3..tp org kata biasa lah tuu...risau eh?..result2...hurm...tp think about it, brapa la result aku nnti...we only have the right to plan, but He is the one who has the right on our life. jd, apa2 pn result, i'll take them gratefully. whatever they may be. i'll try to be strong and be good. kalau result tak ok pn, it means that He has other options or other plans for me.
hahaha...ni nak share one story. sedih la time tu, what will you do when yo finally meet your friends after so long? reunion laa...ofkos la semua nak happy2, cerita2 eh? but, then something i dare say sad thing had happened. dah kira baik tahap dewa dah aku confronted and greet them but then been served like ugly pig. sedih aaaaahhh...nak salah kn siapa if kitaorg tak click eh? but id done my part so well. seriously. aku dengar jak conversation diorang. but i sensed that "they" like sarcasm! for real. seriously i was amazed. lelaki+sarcasm. wth laaa...whats with those menyindir??? pastu, ad la kitrng ambik gmbr sakan..then dgn sbr aku tunggu drng post kat fb, but then smua gmbr yg ada deil ni, tak dia post. =.='

seriously, x pernah aku ngga org kdk sidak tk. syesly. curse you. bgs la...pasni aku pn tak akan nak terheggeh-heggeh nak bg muka friendly. btul, high class sgt lah korng tuu...bgs laa..hahaha my life will be more easier to deal with without you ruining it. kah3..jarang jumpa org tunjuk2 high class like those. rare..siapa yg xtually sombong ni? ruinning btol daaa...=.='

but, yeah i like to ignore. so i'll just delete those memories and live my life like there is no tomorrow. we have to cherish our life. and so, i hereby forgive you all for whatever bad stuff you'd done at me. mere boy. k. cheer! hahaha k, then~


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