3 days left for d-day

happy sunday good people! tak kesah la korang baik or not but for sure even the smallest bit of goodness in your heart will be count. actually it is not int the heart but in the brain. haha..
never do that. haha..i just want to ask something. have you ever suddenly turn retarded? the moment when you suddenly smile or even laugh all on your own for nothing at all? i do. not so often, but i do sometimes. i don't know why and i'd never ask anyone else. but recently i saw some proof that shows other people from all around the world also experience those awkward thing. hahaha... so i'm not nuts at all, but maybe a lil bit freak. they said, "the awkward moment when you suddenly turn retarded.". but actually i was wondering why did i even do those weird expressions? was it because of the troll face or the me gusta thingy? idk for sure. 

actually i  am trying to settle down myself. well, i talk too much isn't? craps. pardon me for being so annoying. tak cool la weh..haha.. it is just that i couldn't calm myself. the waiting. the eagerness is just too much to handle. and then here comes the hopes that they had put on our side. they were hoping too much from us and so, if the other option occur, the effects and impacts will be too much too. we are forced to handle things not for our own sake but for their sake. well, obviously it is really not even fair. we, do something while we'd never get anything? the black sheeps of the society? what else? and then there goes the expectations and the comments. either the good or the bad ones. they're all clinging on our life. making our burdens heavy and heavier. good for them, spitting oils and blood on ours. bad for us, we can forgive but never forget. so, this will never end. but if by chance, we just let it be and allow them to bully us like they used to. it will end, but what do you think of it? will you do the same thing like we did? they never understand and even continued to arouse the fire inside of us. but till the end, we kept silent like a huge pillar under the great name of edc. but still those evil talks and treats continued till the end of our school time. i'm greatly sad. to end my school time with those memories. but, that is the choices that they had made and i, couldn't change people. but, like the other, i guess. i always forgive. 

to think about it, i miss my school time. i still cherish them as one of the best stories and colour that i'd painted on my books of history. but most of it teaches me to be strong and to understand about life. in a small society like that, still we can observe and meet lots of different personalities. it's normal. but when we get to the outer world where all things are so open. will you act so childish like what they had done to us? i wonder. and even, now i feel that i want to change my plan. i planned to head to victoria f.t. to take my result. now that i realize who am i going to meet. and all about the consequences above. i just couldn't stand them anymore. those expectation kills me deadlier than my eagerness and pain for waiting. what about you? k, then~ 



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