2 days left for d-day

morning peeps! well now i'd somethings to be done and i'd made a to-do-list for them too. tomorrow i'll be heading to Victoria F.t or a.k.a Labuan F.t. hehe.. Objectives? naaaa...i just want to get my results. actually yeah i know that i can just text via sms to know the results. but idk. it's just that i'd planned to go to school and to meet my buddies. that's the reason for all this tremendous efforts. i'd planned to do lots of great stuff like wanna give some presents and etc... but unfortunately, some or can i say, lots of them are planning not to come. bravo! love u buddies! wth. kah3... joke.

okay, first on the list, tomorrow they'd planned to make some birthday party for one of my friend. mszaza. and so, imma gonna make a card with some flip-open one. but that's if i can do it today. actually i'd forgotten about those card. hahaha my bad. but if i can't make it in time, i'll just make the usual card. i don't know why they like my hand-made cards. hahaha..they said that the cards were great and i'm creative. for real. but seriously, i hadn't done any of those stuff for a veeerryyy long time. so, i was actually still thinking on how imma gonna make the card. then i'm thinking of giving some presents to my buddies. but still idk. im not good in giving people these kind of stuff. haha i'm a great ignorant. be my friend. haha..

those are some of them and i'll be going to buy something later. and start doing the card thing. but sorry mszaza, if i can'a make it in time. i'll buy it from the shop! hahaha...i'll try my very best. and, i'll be staying at mr.yanpan's place tomorrow. and i'm thinking of giving something for his family and so. and i'll be searching for something later too. 

then, what's left is just for me to hope and be calm. pray for me too readers. so that i'll be strong to endure the events that will happen on March 21st, 10am. i hope that i'll get a good result. if i get 9A+, it is beyond my imagination to think how happy i will be. but if i don't get it, i'm still happy. i'd ready for the worst to come. i'd readied my umbrella for the tears, fire extinguisher for the fire that i might set on the ocean. hehe.. k, then~ 


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