15 days left till d-day.

hello peeps!
urm...lets see...22-7...=15. 15 days left. owh no, 15 days left till d-day for my result. my spm result. there are nothing left to be said, but i'm totally sure that all 2011 spm leavers are sweating greatly right  now. haha result fever, well its about our life isn't? i'm just fine and hoping for the best in my result. but im ready for everything. i don't ask too much and not too little. well, we know who we really are, are we capable or not, all of us knew it so well and so, i'm ready for the worst too. worse comes to worst deil. :D

okay, yesterday evening my friend, payan asked me on fb. "hows ur life sebagai insan berlesen??". hehe..ofkos la happy kn. bg budak2 mcm kami ni, dah ada lesen tu mmg la happy gila, nak lompat2 trus ke langit rs.. hehe cliche. i drove to our house kat kampung almost everyday now, being a professional worker la kiranya..semua benda pun aku yang buat kn, so kira pro la jugak...nursing my elders, cleaning the entire house, it's big too. doing some gardening, cleaning the bushes, cut  the grasses. works just keep on coming and i, the most available being in the family,  just couldn't give any objections and excuses. frust menonggeng la jawabnya..i thought that i could have my vacation but when i got my license, more responsibilities come. before this, i was stranded at home, unable to go anywhere. now, suddenly a pinch oh regret exist deep inside of my unconscious mind. im joking. but seriously, i'm lonely.. tak best la drive sorang2 ni..pulak daa..=.='

then dia pun share la yg kmarin diorang hangout together at the beach. kode drive, peqyu, aidit n payan. syok la korang...seriously jlez la, rindu nak hidu bau pantai...bayangkan 5 tahun krng tengok pantai dan laut membiru pastu tiba2 dah tak nampak lagi. i miss it. haa, ni llagi satu, mmg nak kena bunuh pakai bazooka, c liza tak bgtau pun dia pg labuan. hmmmppp=.=' sanggup tak bawa aku...ritu nlyani n girule pn sma jg...outcast gila aku ni?..fine then, i'm not going to bring you guys too next time. merobek hati ke cebisan terakhir. hahahah.. joking..:P

but really, pejam celik pejam celik. dah 3 bulan aku habis skolah n ni nak amik result lg.. i really don't know what to say. but yg lucu nya, punya banyak benda aku plan nak buat dulu2 time sekolan. konon la nak buat something time cuti ni. but then, banyak lg yg aku blm buat!!! i'm so demanding. yeah i know it. but these are some that i think i still could do. 
play piano


decorate bilik

go hiking, 

fishing and swimming. i don't swim much, and so planning to learn.

and then takes some pictures..

and most of the time, i want to be an angel. hahaha, no i just want to be good. i'll start with simple things as doing some charity in my family. huh? well, im no outspoken type of person.  i would cry and run if i saw that

malass gila nak keluar. tarak kawan laa nak jalan2. secondly, going around means some money. and so im not goin to add more guilt for the family's economically sake. i just want to help and not creating more troubles. k, then~


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