we've grown. fix things. think wise

so, i think i'll do just like that. 

when i look these pictures, i thought about a lots of things. some important, the other useless. but time do flies fast. these are all Harry Potter's casts. the story indeed made a great effect on how people from all around the world think. to think about it, omg we'd grown so much. before :

now :


as we are growing together with this HP things. it feels like when the HP are over, my childhood also ended there. we've grown up. i'm 18 this year. when i wished my friends on their birthdays. i felt weird. pfffffft! i'm 18 this year! omg., it felt weird. who ever think. but try to act normal. to think about it, as i live in hostel since i was 13, i never ask to much from my old people. nothing related to "ask2" about things. so no close relation there. so i'm a bit jealous, no. way too jealous  with my friends. but i know that whatever they did, they're still my old ones. without them, idk what'll happen to me. so i'll forget it. people said, we can forgive but forget is different. yeah, it is not easy.   

my heart apparently have been hard and dark in between these days. after all the hard times and difficulties that i was asked to endure, both willing and unwilling. thanks God for showing me something good for today, and i appreciate them so much that i feel that i would fly to the sky in tears. I am not close with God these days, my heart is undoubtedly filled with hatred sometime. but of course i'm aware with it and i tried my best to take them out. but the more we try to do good things the more we tend to do the other. you know what i mean. i used to be a good boy back then, innocent and a lil bit naive. i'm not telling that i'm good but comparing myself now with the old one, is way too far apart. before i always like to serve other at church, helping friends without particular reasons. now i'm a lil bit self-centered. maybe it is because the world nowadays are so vicious and harsh that i don't want to be fooled. that is what my opinion. but obviously i change too much. i didn't put God the best place in my life. so thanks to Fr. John today for his great homily. i realize but i didn't act in reply. so dale. so me. but i'm thinking that i should go back? but all had change, don't they. they see me as bad boy now. i think. =.='

before that, 
k. then~


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