hello buddies. bajet org baca, mmg cam ni.. 

okay, firrst stuff. yeah, i pass my circuit test today. thanks God. really. i'm happy. can't wait to get my license done. but i have some story to tell. haha this is really humiliating. actually.

when i woke up this morning, i was so shocked to see the time. it was 8am! and when i looked to the front gate, norman had been waiting me. and hell yeah i dashed to do all the things and stuff. i felt horrible. i  checked on my phone and found out all of the miss calls and texts. of dear. my bad. i was thinking, "why didn't they wake me up??! they knew that i have my exam today?!". but whatever, thanks God my tutor was not angry, instead, he laughed at my stupid looks as i ran toward the car. imagine, he waited for me for half an hour. and i came with my pokerface. "huh?". hahahaha...really, my bad. i didn't even have my breakfast!..

but then, yeah. all went so great. i'm the third on the list and so i was happy, to end it quickly. then then and then, i passed it. hell yeah, i'm so happy. "wanna jump and fly to the sky."-prince yeonning-. but, again today there were some who failed due to the same reason as i had before..kesian kan..org yang pernah mengalami baru boleh mamahami..hohoho..

then, i went back home and found this on my fb wall..
and on skype.

i admit that i am a great fan of eragon sagas. and i feel so great today. good things just kept on coming. since i get to know about my delf B1. i never feel so happy since i end my school time. hehe..i'd been reading eragon, eldest and brisingr again and again these holiday. and i was actually wondering when am i going to buy or get the forth book, inheritance. and fortunately flora had ordered it for me as my birthday present. imma freak. yeah i know it..hehehe..i really feels like a small kid when i get some presents. really. hahaha...but this really did make my day^^. 

whats so funny about the sagas were that i really did thought that the brisingr would be the last one, as the book looks so elegant, black pith with golden writings. and so. but it wasn't. hahaha i'd been waiting to read this inheritance, waiting for the price to drop. and untung la fleurze found out that it was on a promo something... and it is cheaper. sometimes we have to be wise, although that you are wealthy, you still should get the best price. that is my opinion laa...not just books, but for all things. shoes, t-shirts, and even food. really. besides, thanks to flora for making herself busy just for me. and i really appreciate that. you have done so much while i'd done nothing. i'm still incapable and so, just wait till i can. i'll do whatever it takes to be so like you. hehe.. know what, untung org dapat kakak aku yg seorang ni..hahaha...she is capable of doing almost everything, as far as i know. well, she is special. different. and some kind of unique? she has changed a lot, after these while. now, she is a lil bit complex. really. the way she think. i can't figure it out anymore. well, my family is quite good at that. all of us obviously are some sort of acting toward each other. for example, "hey what happen aah???" and i would always answer,"nothing laa..i'm okay.". WTH! for real? with my face that down, and they would never figure them out. that is my family. we are so secretive. for real. but i like it that way as i'm used to keep it secret. i don't want them to know. my problems and stuff.

wowowowowo...i sense that someone is hating me. so i said, "don't ever like me.". i didn't done anything bad to this person. hahaha...biar la dia stress sendiri. buang karan. nak susah2 fikir fsl org mcm ni..if i get any chances, i will shoot this annoying people. dia punya point ini, about bahasa. sukahati la org nak cakap mcm mana. igt semua org dpt cakap mcm dia ka apa. mesti ikut bahasa dia??? i know who i am, where i'm from. but if i'm not used of using that style of talking. why do i have to force myself just to make you happy. for real? naaaa...waste2. buang baras. hehe...k, then~ 


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