my future house. desire.

i'm thinking on putting this in a different entry, but i can't help it. hahaha...
what i want to be
what i want to be
what i actually look like's just a joke. 

i was thinking on how to put my books at home as i loves reading and they keep on increasing. obviously. and although i haven't have any house on my own at the moment, it was just a plan and i'm attracted to these and if i ever have my own house in the future, doubtlessly i'll make something like these.
Awesome Writing Room
by Travis Price Architects
Chin Up Furniture
by  Lisa SandallIndustrial Pipe Bookshelf
by stellableudesigns

and for the stuff on my common room i'll definitely like these bars and etc.. for the plants or flora, i like something which are worth watching. something rare or unique.
Bonsai Treehouse Sculpture
by Takanori Aiba

simple, spacious kitchen but yet not too crowded.

my room? more light and not crowded. 

years back, before we built our new house at village, we had been arguing on the style and the shape of the house and they, said that house that are square or rectangular in shape are not nice and not in the list. hahaha so funny but at the end the house are more or lest, square. hhohoo.. but actually, though the exterior of the house are square or look boring. it doesn't matter. the interior is much worth doing. really. if you can see these pictures below, the second one is the interior of the first one and it is great.
so at the end of the day, i realize that i have to do my best in my life to get a better life. but i know that though if i don't get a great result in my exam, it is not the end. i'll try to be positive and live my life toward the better path. no one is ever perfect isn't? so i look forward to be more mature and positive. silent is far more better that talking craps. till then~


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