emo. don't read.

when i woke up this morning. i reminded myself to smile.. yesterday was horrible. i'd never thought that it would be that serious. well, old people are obviously sensitive but ignorant in between. it is true. i made a fight with my parents though it was actually unplanned. well, it was not my fault. it was due to misunderstanding. freaking me out. these people. taking thing so seriously while i'm doing nothing, as i remember. yes. so as i woke up and tried to smile, acting normal, i couldn't. because my throat is hurtand so, i went to the kitchen to pekene milo panas and eat some cookies as i was starving to death. i slept so early yesterday, as i'm done with the fight. i like to ignore the world when those things happen.
stupid attitude. i was obviously feeling bad yesterday as i ate those bad foods. my head swings and i felt that imma gonna die. suddenly my pa came from work at 8 something and brought me into a stressful conversations which needed my opinion. to my consciousness, as i searched into my memories, he had never ask for my opinion. so, i don't want to be in that conversation with him as i thought it was useless. buang karan, buang baras. because he wouldn't listen. i'm kid and i talk craps didn't i? so i told him that i'm sick and idk. then he suddenly went berserk. saying that i was so rude. wth! but i told him that i was feeling bad even before he came. but he insisted that i was being rude to him. well then, so i ignore the world for making my night so hell while i'm not so conscious with those headache. 

through the long night that i'd been, when i went mental through the night. my sleep went on with miserable nightmares that i thought i'd never even sleep. arghhhh....hoho. when i was still studying at school, i 'd never had a long dream at night. maybe because the time were so short and i'd been studying so hard that the head are exhausted. yesterday i dream too much. there are,
those are all the stuff that i don't like, since i was young. i don't like those yellow colour sunshine. it is creeping me out. when i was small my dad use to put that dim light when it was the time to sleep. but he never knew that i had my hardest to try to sleep with those light. and whenever it broke, i was so happy that i would fly to the sky. hoho goo old days. but they never know that. i don't like those women when i was dreaming because it would be vampire who dare to chase me to death in my dream. have you ever dream of something that it creep you out again and again. i have one and every time i dream about it, it is just the same dream. it is not too scary, but when you keep on dreaming the same thing, for me it is creepy. but i ignore it. i don't want to believe it. and after those restless nightmares, sad. then i realize that
yesterday, i realize that i shouldn't do anything that is so foolish. i told my mother something about what the other parents always do to their children and sons, while they didn't. well,  i was due to their ignorant being. they never listen. i was so stupid. when i was sleeping, i think my mom told my pa about it and he went berserk after the me behaving rude to him scene. i was hoping that he would actually understand, but in vain, he didn't. yeah!!!! perfect parents. i love them so much. i would never find some like them. so rare. he even counter attack my statements about what other get while i didn't with his stories when he was young. dad, different era, different style. i was being so much good that i'd never ask a thing as i know you would never granted them. not even for once did i ever hope they will grant them, though i always being hoping for them. never understand your own child. congratulation. ily both. just keep my life miserable and i appreciate them. k, then. i'm not mad. i'm just okay. really. 


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