I'm used to it. these comparison, will it end?

when i saw this van i was so happy like an awkward pumpkin. i don't know why but maybe the colour resembles the bus that i used to board back then. and so i searched until i found it! hohoho..
i took this during our last time went on an outing together after our final big exam, spm last year. the bus is somewhat look cute isn't? as if i'm living in an imaginary land. you can't find this kind of bus somewhere else. there are, maybe. but sure it is so rare. really. if you want to see more pictures of the outing, just click the page link up there. it is nothing special, really. but maybe the sentimental value exist. hohoho #merepek

i have stories to tell, and every time i think about something. i just kept them in my mind. no one want to hear them. hahahaha so pathetic. i am. but at the moment i'm quite sensitive and emotional? maybe not quite, but barely a lil. i'm sensitive toward the words "line" and "stupidity". 

yesterday i had my jpj driving test and i failed. and even worst, it is not because of the hill, but the parking part!! "OMG, really? what happened??" yeah i know, it is the easiest one among the three.. people don't mind if you failed because of the hill, it is normal because they said that it is hard. but, it is not because i don't know how to park my car on the side. it is because of stupidity. when you don' actually understand what people are saying and you turn into a monster at a very wrong occasion. wanna hear my story? stay tune. don't want? move your cursor to the upper right, click the "x" button. hehe

okay, obviously there are 3 part in getting a license. the first is table test, second is the circuit test, and lastly the third one is road drive test. i'm not sure what they really called it, i changed it myself. so apparently, i pass my table test and the third test, the road test. idk but my story is a lil bit funny maybe, due to my stupidity. on the second test, first we drive through the hill and i passed, then into the parking part. i actually had parked the car just nice into the box until the instructor came and said "this is too near, who is your teacher?" so i answered him my teacher's name. then he told me to go out. who would ever thought that with these kind of conversations. i'm speechless as i thought that "did i failed?". so frustrated like awkward pumpkin, i drove my car out of the box and i hit the post. definite failure. i didn't turn the steering enough! i was speechless, and the instructor laughed and yell "why did you hit the tiang???". "go there.". so i failed like a weird pencil. all the people were stunted? and when i met my tutor, he said "what happen?". and all i could say was just a stupid smile as i used to. a full-package idiot. 

then, at afternoon we had our road drive test. and the instructor who was testing me was the guy who checked on me in the morning, but i'm not angry with him as it was my stupidity, obviously. then i drove the car as i used to, and successfully without wrongs. safe driving, and he commented, "great driving. lain kali jangan langgar tiang." and he laughed at me. so then i knew than i didn't failed because of the white line, but the post! omg. so then i realized that he was actually trying to help me by giving me a chance because it was not outside the box as it is just "too near" the line. but i threw it away, my luck. so at the end of the day, i'd learned my lesson. don't be so damn emotional too fast. don't be a monster so quickly. think wise and be patient. i admitted that when he told me to go out, i was making so much thinking like a statue that i think so negatively. and i deserved it. 

when i went back home, i kept on predicting the reaction that i will get from my rare lovely family and just as i predicted, they are just like that...hohoho so funny. no one cheers, comfort. yeah they are just that kind of people. words like "don't worry." or "it will be ok". are not in their vocabulary i guess. and i'm used to it. all of them started with "why?" and kept on asking about my wrong, what have i done. yeah i know, all of the passed the exam without "fail". so i'm the first one in the family, and a black-sheep maybe? but this is my family and there is no way i'm going to hate them. it is normal and i just have to keep on getting stronger. life is not easy, don't they? 

to think about it, i kept on trying to impress them but i apparently failed and no one appreciate me for good. but i'm used to it and i'm thankful. other might experiencing a worst situation. and i have no right to judge. then, thanks to all my friends who did cheer me up and comforted me. you helped me a lot guys. hohoho, k, then~ comparison 


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