i watched Love You You. awesome. not?

Hello good people!

Yesterday, i found one chinese movie. this is not promoting but just sharing. haters, will always gonna hate. okay, the title : Love You You. Sounds funny isn't. at first, i thought that it was lame. until i figured out that the movie was filmed in malaysia, and my jaw dropped 8 feets to the ground. dumbfounded. really? well, obviously the scenes were on white sand beaches. naaaaa. i don't believe it. but then, do you know what i heard? "sini, sini, tolong, tolong...". aik, cakap BM plak. so, i was assured and i get excited suddenly like weird pumpkin. btol. tak tipu... i recommend you guys to see this movie. my then impression, wow, mcm bukan kat malaysia pula. well i guess it was because it is not made by locals. so, it was like somewhere else. but i really like it. i meant, the way the story actually goes. comfirm tak terfikir punya..hoho. tengok laa. btul. tak tipu.

look boring kan. it look the same like other love stories. at first i thought the story was weird. seriously. the way the hero and heroin act were awkward. just until the guy talk bm. hoho. k, the story was filmed on the beaches of Lang of Lang Tengah, Terengganu. 

The story was about an orphan named Xia Mi (angelbaby/yeung wing). her parents were drowned at the sea after a storm, but luckily xia mi was safe. then she was adopted, but unfortunately her foster parents were not so kind toward her. she was told that she had problems with her hearing. she even lost her first love, her boyfriend because of this. but she went through her life and she learned how to read lips movement to understand what people are saying. so, one day as she was searching and begging for job, she was asked to be an investigator to investigate about a guy from an island. his name was You Lele (Peng). she was told that you lele was a liar that were trying to take his island. so, she went to the island and her first impression, she hate that guy so much! for she believe that as she was told, he is a liar. but then she work as a server at you's restaurant. time passed by, and unpredictably, xiami started to love you lele. the same thing occur in you's too. but one day, when xiami woke up at the beach as she was the kind that sleep-walking at night. she saw you lele was checking her stuff at her tent. she went berserk and then lot of thing happened. you lele was actually framed by his step brother who wanted to take over the island. he was the one who asked xiami to check on you lele. but then, when xia mi knew this, she tried to help you lele and fortunately you lele managed to win the business. but xia mi already went away. one of you lele's friend dashed to meet xia mi to tell her the truth as he regretted for helping you lele's stepbrother to stab him form the back. he gabe her an usb contaning all you lele's documents that he copied. including youlele's diary. 

when xiami read you lele's diary, then she knew that for all this while you lele had always loves her. and he knew that xiami had hearing impairment. actually i really don't know how to tell stories. sorry. thats all i can tell. but the sentimental part, really, i can't tell how. hoho. dah lebih2 dari promoting pla. ckp not a promotion. hampeh~

you watch and you'll know. the beginning is not that great but the ending is quite goood. ending dia tak mcm cerita biasa. simple. but yet, exciting. owh, i look like an awkward pumpkin. =.=' but to think about it, cerita ni tak la syok sgt pun... just that i found out that it is a lil bit different. and it had been a very long time ago since the last time i watched chinese movies or dramas. either they are taiwan's, hon kong's, mainland's. semua tengok korean drama kn skrang. why people watch them anyway? what's the attraction? how did they attracted people and make people went mad about it? well, i think it is because they are different. the way the story go. different plots. so people will not get bored. 

Know what? recently Thailand music industry had made a list and it had shown that for the past year, out of 50 songs that had been on the top list in 2011, only one song from Thailand itself had been nominated and that song was the 50th song. the other song were Korean. could you imagine??? how's in Malaysia? i wonder.

but of course la, ada org yg empty kat ceta2 korea n kpop ni. biasa. hater will always gonna hate. no big deal. 

aku tak obses sangat pun. aku tengok gak semua crita ni, korea, cina, jepun. tp ceta org putih tetap #satu...pergh. i can never tell what will going to happen next in english movies. unpredictable. harry potter, etc... i like these kind of stories. they are love stories but they are not damn bored love stories that so like ramayana and mahabratta. that's what my history teacher always told us. "that love story had exist since hindu and buddha religion were formed". so antics! isn't? mentality. there are lovers and there are one or more people who love the male or female. so they will do so many bad thing to take the people they want. so boring. while you actually know what the ending will be like, you still keep on watching it like charming pandas rolling. what comes around comes around. just let it be. just see it. wth! use our brain to choose what good and better. got choices, but why do we like to act foolishly? we're human. that's why. k, then~  


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