greatness of fantasies. unpredictably unpredictabe

Despite of all the comments, mocking and what people from all over the world are saying. Masashi Kishmoto really have his own style on naruto. to be gifted such great story line. though they were sometime a lil bit unpredictable, but he and his crews really did manage to create a big fenomena through their manga naruto. great story. making people think that it is a job and task to be done. responsibilities. waiting for the updates. checking the websites for almost everyday just for the sake of one and only naruto. the effects? other manga will get viewed by people in between waiting time, for the update. nt just naruto but others too like bleach, fairytales. great stuff indeed. no doubt. know what? i'm talking nonsense.

why would some wanted it to be more real while initially naruto is something extremely beyond our comprehension? would you even believe the story? no, indeed. it is just a fantasy. but well, some still ask "why" for numerous things. recently, we were told that the nine tailed beast have a name and obviously it was kurama. and even, it was shown that the kyubi, kurama actually like the sage of the sixth path. while they had told earlier that kurama hate the sage for splitting his power. at the end they show that almost all of the beast and the jinchuurikis are in a good term! hows is that possible, while through the argument between naruto and kurama, kurama told naruto that human had never really care about them, the tail beasts. he told about the humans' desires for their power. i really can't understand. then this power of kurama. why he is so damn powerful? while hachibi said that the power of the tailed beast is not based on their number of tail? so why would  kurama be so great? but, this is not to be comprehend. just keep the pace and i think just enjoy the story. the excitement. the fantasies. i'd never thought that i would be so attached to this excitement before. damn weird. whenever the updates of whatever mangas that i love to read. i'll be like

and at the end i'll be

but this is the real life. i remembered from one of my post last year. i was hoping that naruto will be in good term with kyubi, kurama. just like hachibi and killer b. well after few months of grave-like waiting. now kurama is willing to let naruto. i feel like an awkward pumpkin. hoho. but naruto is a great manga and maybe one of the best in japan-mangas history. and it would be so hard to find a greater naruto-like manga in the future. while people will keep on comparing the story line with the former one. for example, naruto. k, i'm talking nonsense. and i know that no one will be reading these craps. hoho cheers! i don't want you to read them. no forces. no offend. but i'm pretending not to care. merepek tahap gaban. pemenang. 

but. i don't know what actually had happened, but i'm losing my imagination. i don't know whether it is because i'm getting older, but it seems to be that i'm not forcing myself to imagine about something. i read mangas and watch movies. the pictures are well shown and i didn't have to ask my mr brain to think what they are. so, i found one unwanted effect. i was once a heavy reader. i read books over hundreds pages just in few days. i'm not proud. but now i can't even let myself to read two pages of my most interesting novel. brisingr. what do you think? i feel unsettle. what to do. what to have. do or don't. i'm unpredictably unpredictable. yang sudah tu sudah. k, then~  


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