I'm 18!!

time passed by
for real huh? yeah it is my birthday today. Happy birthday del! haha i feel old. really, even my friend had married. unbelievable eh? but  it is true.

sorry, i didn't make any party or even give you slices of cake. but i think, this will do. haha take it if you want. 

okay the first one who wished me was acap. and this year only 49 people wished me on facebook. seems some had forgotten me. sad eh? well. payan, iqbal, n member2 terdekat pun tak wish aku. sampai hati korang..=.="

then today, i kept on wondering why i'd never felt so great on my birthday and as i remember it, simple cause. it is always lent on my birthday. so no party or happy2 thingy. and i'm quite understanding about it. nor did i ever asked for anything. but today, know what? i brought my mom playing under the rain, filled our stomach with kfc. it was amazing. no la, we only ran to the car because it was raining heavily. she brought me. it was not normal, really. 

usually, on my birthday i'll get two bar of toblerone. both are from cz and c baban. those were the constant. urm cards? as i recall, i received my first birthday card when i was 13th. funny isn't? i never get one before that. that was from flora n ajeen. remembering that time, i was so excited, i think i still have them under my so-many-thing on the table. my first present? also from flora. it was a chess set. the other presents that i'd received was not for my birthday. some for Christmas and etc.. whats next? last year i received a great shouts from all the aspura, well it was because of iqbal, he went to make an announcement. and all shout, wishing me like monster. and that was after he saw the cake that i was eating, given by ophelia. it was on sunday last year, great memories. but today, i received text from toro and my friends who are in plkn. and i felt like a boss. hahaha...hell yeah i'm happy that i ought to fly to the sky. they remember me, and i'm thankful to get friends like those. but no cake, no presents this year.

life passed by, and i'm happy that i'm going together and didn't left behind, but just as i remember about my birthday,  i always remember about those incidents where i was being bullied by these stupid people. well hell yeah they are stupid. really, i'd never angry to people more than i hated them. they just acted so fool. it was in the evening of my 13th birthday at school. as i went to my preparation class early. then suddenly these two stupid people came to my class, and i suddenly saw some bottles of different colour that they were holding. and so i knew it by instant and so i dashed away, but to no avail they managed to get me. they poured those water to me. to be honest, i knew about all of the tradition that they are actually showing me to understand, to make me feel, "it's normal". but they were stupid. it was not even prep time yet and my outfit were all wet! enraged, i dashed toward the dorm and so, i came back to the class late. apparently, i didn't want my desk and chair to be brought down to the center of the school class block. and it was totally embarrassing. i took my desk, chair and brought them into my class with wet shirt. i didn't changed them as i didn't want my new shirt to be wet again, if they insisted to make fun of me. but fortunately, those stupid guys had been lectured by the older seniors (obviously my sister's friends afterall, the prefects). and so, i changed my outfit. i knew so well about the traditions and stuff, but it is just so stupid. and i'd never forget it. i was the first junior of my batch to be poured water and desk-on-the-center on my birthday. i didn't hate them, but i hate their stupidity. but thanks to all my seniors who had been helping me that day, i didn't turned to be a fool like those people. i don't even want to tell their name because it was so disgusting. really, those people. and apparently those two people hated me since then and until they were expelled. justice. good for them. 
but, today i am so happy, as one of my best birthday present maybe, i passed my delf B1!!!!! like yeah?! hell yeah?! yeah. i really couldn't believe it. it really sound fishy. and i really am going to figure out what actually happened. i didn't did my best back then, i really thought that i failed it. but when i heard from fitriah that i passed, it was great. i'd never been really happy at home. thanks God!. ILY. 

okay, now that i'm 18. i know i have more responsibility and i have to be more matured and strong to endure life. and about my result, there are 25 days left and i feel my heart would burst.  of course i'm scared, but i also can't wait for it. 

tomorrow i have my circuit test, wish me for the best of luck. i really have to passed it this time. no more test next time. but the most important thing in growing up is to look forward. no turning back, don't have to correct the past but make a better one in the future. understood? hope you do. 


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