"?" well, i'm exhausted. u're satisfied? good. like you much.

i am exhausted. 

today, i went to kampung with my pa. we went to the orchard. we took some mata kucing. then, we went to visit my pa's land. it was so like a forest. it was filled with, urm just like forest. yang penting mmg macam hutan. yang penting memang mcam hutan. i wore kasut boot getha. the land was wet and my foot get into the becak like i kaki some. ni merapu. penat gilaa... rergh.. because i slept a liltle but late last night, and today i didn't even have a nap. i didn't took  any pictures as i x tau that it would be so interesting. just like going hiking on the thick forest. adventure! lol...i'm off to sleep now..i'm just bluffin' around.

bisous. then~


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