weird eh?

The sound of the wind passed through the trees's branches undoubtedly had made the hair on my neck to prickled. i was like that cat back then. i was alone when the new year begun, can you imagine, they were sleeping! and i was alone, watching tv and tumblring on the same time. they said that i'm weird but i think you are weirder. then, i guess it is not too late to wish "happy new year". 2012 be nice to me eh? i hope we could be a great friend. i'm seeing forward to it. k? don't make me sad. be good. lol...  T_____T
well, i'm particularly not ordinary. like other. rev said "ure lsifjlijhebvejhve, etc...". whatever?
well, if i want to be normal, i guess that i would never want to even treat her as well as "this".. lol...but i stay weird and like i'd said, i'm a full-package idiot, i looove to smile when people are mad at me though i'm totally conscious. an idiot eh? lol... it is just the way i keep myself as peace. no need to get stress man! but she (my sis) never understand this weird act of mine. haha...well, i had never asked anyone to understand me. no need for that. i don't need. i'm ok. haha...

k, next on the list. what do i usually do? i'm not that weird. but these are what "weird" meant to me. if you think that it is not weird just keep quiet and rest. move your cursor or mouse to the top-right, and click the x button. k?    

ok, they say "you're weird". am i? or not?

i always put on my headphone or earphone. lol...i don't know if it is weird, but my family hated me because of this. weird eh? when i'm not on it, they never talk to me, but when i'm on it, all of them really do love to interrupt my pleasure. who did experienced the same thing like me? i don't get it. actually when i put them on, they meant that i don't want to be interrupted. i don't like to talk much. but they insisted to make me talk to them. hey i still want to have my private time alone eh? no? too bad for me. sometimes, i just put them on without me hearing any song and music. i just want to be ignored, but they never did. and i like to ignored them too though i'm not hearing anything. i stayed like this and hear what they are talking about me. so, i knew what they are talking about me. stabbing me on my face. congratulations! hey, i like you guys! lol...

i also like to smile thought i'm alone. or even laugh back then when i'm at school. but my friends had never asked me anything as they knew who i am. it just that, as i'm a bit silence ant school. i always been the spectator. stalker maybe. maybe not. so, it was just like watching a real, drama. so, i get to remember all the thing and it kept coming into my mind. so gradually when it came, i'll smile and laugh when it was funny. so no big deal eh? normal. then, i also laugh when i watch some funny post on tumblr, blogs, etc... then they make that face again, and again... it's normal! no? it is man!...   


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