Story from the washroom.

The dolphin and the cat is actually playing at the Theatre of the Sea. *credit tumblr. nice eh?

Just now as rev let our cats and kittens hanged around inside our house, it was unpredictably troublesome. seriously, they never gave me good impression. inside my heart i was always yelling: GET OUT NOW!, i mean, Now!". haha? but, our cats were incredibly very mischievousness. asal ada lubang tuk masuk rumah, never ever they have the second thought. trus lompat. haha? but they are not nuisance. it is just that, to me they are too many. imagine smpai 8 kucing main kejar-mengejar and men tapuk2x as if x da orang. we all have limits don't we? i have it. but. today, i'm not in the mood to angkat2x and dush*** campak drng kat luar. malas. so i let them crawl dengan bebas. berak2x laa..x ksh. then this special thing happened. we have two kitten at the moment. i was at the kitchen. then i heard our kitten bising. i searched for it, and i found it on the washroom floor. it was like screaming. but i ignored and i angkat bawa dia kuar bcause i thought that dia takut dalam gelap. so funny then i said : alaaa....cian...".  i took the kitten and put it kat dining room kami org. minutes later, i heard the same screaming sound of a kitten again. i thought, "eh, suka jg bdak ni men kat dlm tandas yg gelap?". then i saw our cat, chabu was there too together with the kitten earlier. i thought, "eeeeehhhh, dating!". kuronika, aku pun marah laa kat kucing jantan kami tu, chabu. and i angkat kitten tu, tetiba. (prrught) brown-coloured solid came out of the kitten's hole. i was speechless. seriously. but then i thought, "wow, first time kucing kami org berak kat tandas!". lol...yg len as usual will poo and pee outside. if they are not tahan, they will poo wherever they want. tu yg aku bengang dorang merayap sukati dorang kat dlm rumah tu... but recently, xda laa...just problem kucing jantan cop kawasan. sakit hati jugak laa.. tp, i still like them. though it is hurting. hehe?

back to the story. then, i took the kitten straight to their cage. so, i cleaned it's shit willingly with great feeling. amazing. then, i made some thought too. 

kitten : chabu, i want to poo!
chabu : really, hey. i think you should cried your best. you can't climb up to the window. you're unpredictably timid.
kitten : yup, i know that. but i found a great place just now. have you ever been there before?
chabu : where the hell is that place? i had never been there?
kitten : i guess you never. really, lets go. follow me.
then they walked together...
kitten : here it is, i think it is great...
chabu : sniffing... hey, this place smells like our's but it isn't. 
kitten : oh no, i don't think that i can stand it anymore. 
chabu : oh? now scream!
and that is the scream that i heard...

lol...stupid thinking. but i really am looking forward to the well-being and success life of that kitten. *note that we haven't give the two kitten names yet. they are still new in our family. i was actually boring. this cute but yet so naughty kitten really did cheered me up!



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