morning good people!

after much effort baru laa i want to update this. hahaha penat, mentally, physically.. no one understand me. haish, but i'll just keep my #pokerface, no offense. optimistic on air. ~(=.=)! TGIF!

har3...#mood merepek. last week, we went to sabah. negeri di bawah bayu. nice sight indeed. imagine i'd never been there for 10 years! omg. punyala kira dekat from myplace. dripada org from west of M dtang jauh2 ke area east of M eh? 10 years is quite long. indeed. then, on the way there, ada satu cereeta lawak. imagine kami org sesat.. har3, mmg plh kenangan n sejarah rekod baru bg family kmi...haha...rekod3...

here is the story, ada tu satu roundabout kat area d antara sipitang and trusan rsnya...salah papan tanda punya masalah, apa maksud [jalan sipitang - tenom] and it is directing toward tenom. (well, time ne blm tahu lg). kesian my dad, tpaksa drive about an hour, 60km i guess toward i asked them, both my parents. "btol jalan ni? knak kita org sj on the road?". tak k pelik? and the road were going to a highland. it started to get cooler. ksian my grandma kesejukan... but my pa kept on driving forward until we saw a house. the only house seen on the it was revealed, kami salah jalan. patah balik tu the place we knak tipu by the sign board. stupid signboard. indeed. buang karen, buang minyak. but then my mom said, "oh sini rupanya si kjnhsbhu dulu sesat jg...". mom, too late. 

actually, we went to attend my cousin's wedding. it had been a very long time since the last time i saw him. so long. but it was a good thing. the longer we are being away from someone, it will make us realize something that is missing. whoever they are. that make us to appreciate other unconsciously.     

then, i miss my fellow bdak edc...owh bukan, bukan budak. smua sda matured. sda kurang mencarut, n merepek. all are indeed grown up already. wow..but recently i ter realize that some hated me so much. idk what i'd done to these great people, but it is making me feel like a perfect idiot. thanks! and congratulation for making me feel like it. optimist on air. tak banyak org boleh buat deru feel like shit. yg merepek tu, i always think with ease. because i always forgive whatever and i never thought it to be some offense. but this one, urm..i'm not feeling good with it. mcm mn boleh slah fhm...lucu eh? the way dia answer my comment is unpredictably so clear that it shows that it hate me. but i'm fine with it lol..chills..but just to be honest. if i happened to be hurting you all, i'm sorry. if you hate me because you are annoyed with me. i'm sorry too. sorry for making your life sucks. but i hope you don't make my life sucks too... chills...#moodmerepek...


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