good people!
hope you're well enough to be alive. 
happy Chinese new year. it's raining non stop here. well, it's the water, oriental dragon turn this new year they say. true.
these are some video. especially for my sis. they're not around. taken from my home. 

living around chinese is always like this hahaha...i enjoy it though. feels like ww3. but all are excited! nothing much. this year again we went to visit our relatives. neighbour pn sudah quite something. kenyaaannng. but then we ate again at home after that visit. so funny... but then know what? these firework ww3 didn't finished till the third and the forth night after the chinese new year. wow, amaze maybe it's their prosperous year i guess haha... or maybe it's because the whether are not quite good so, they want to finish their stocks. maybe. but seriously. havoc setiap malam...if ww3 happen pn i wouldn't realize them, because i'm used to this. lol...


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