Appreciate? owh so lame =.=!

Well, it's the water draco this year. hoho. i know it's a lil bit weird. it is suppose to be blue isn't? hoho but i think it is relevant because it is the reflection of the sun wave. oh idk what they're called. i forgot already. ergh..stupid head. well. it had been raining these days. a very lumpy and lazy whether. hurm. it's AJL tonight in Malaysia and i think all are watching them too. hoho don't know who will will yet. but i hope whoever win, all must appreciate them. well if they are not that talented, they mustn't even been selected. eh? but what can we do. all with our own life and choices. who have the right to judge? all have their right to speak and choose. so whatever it is, is whatever they are. #merepek. well, normal. hoho and i suddenly remembered what simon said. he said, "that is a disgusting talent". was from the Britain Got Talent when one of the people make "farting" his talent. disgusting right? suis d'accord simon! hoho

to think about the new year thingy. i'd been wondering and thinking so deep for these few days. it the new year and i haven't done anything seriously and i think that why do i even do this? hohoho. no planning. etc..

besides. when i was rolling the mouse. my eyes attracted to those pictures. so great. so cool. so heart-whelming. about the beaches. i'm regretting myself for not even appreciate them before while i'd been living 5 years in front of the beach and i'd done nothing about it. though the sand was white, sea was blue. not brown. i did swim and kid around before but never appreciate them. maybe because when i live there, in hostel, the only thing on my mind was "oh when am i going to meet the outside world!". hoho. well, the place was not too exciting to be live in those days, not like nowadays i suppose. well, they say it is great now. erm....with all the achievement. i hope they manage to make a more matured-way of management. ok. no comment. but anyway, i'm glad that i'd done something like the last pics. hoho...really am. because, it seems like it will be a very long time until i'll be there again. not that i'm thinking to be living there but it makes sense. my friends or should i call them as my buddies once did said that, "living in Victoria island is a very great decision". i don't know where the rationale was. in this opinion but it really did make sense. well, the environment is okay. but that's if you're living there of course. but if you're already big enough and are willing to be far apart of your family. there wouldn't even be any problems. believe me, even the not capable communities? they are even richer than me. with all the support, they live a wealthy life there at school. never suffer, but live a happier life. i may sound very bad. but, that were some. i know, not all. but the impressions they made and left were not good. `=.=! i'm out of my topic!!! well, hell yeah. i miss the sea and the beach. hoho though i don't really swim. 

i never appreciate my life for about 5 years. i study. i read. i do all things as student. play. kid. talk. but nothing so special like doing some charities. so plain. lame eh? well it's true. and i've been thinking. am i going to do the same thing again? and for my whole life? but maybe it's about the place, community, people. going together with the flow. life is so hard to comprehend. 

Have you ever seen these? flying thing with your own eyes? hoho...i'd always been in "wow" mode whenever i saw it on tv. but guess what, as i said. my neighbourhood is a lil bit busy, havoc and happening this year. they did lots of thing and thank God i'm around this year to watch them. they made some of these flying thing, and it was awesome..not too much like on the gif. but they were eyes-catching...and my other neighbours were watching them too as those thing went high up the dark sky. all were silent. admiring the scene. but then, there they went starting their ww3. hohoho. never ending firework. well. yeah living around these great chinese. love it. hoho. appreciate. but really. they are really something when they make my dull, lame neighbourhood into ww3 mode. hoho..

but then again, when their children, grandchildren. went back to their place. back to normal. as if  it was after we push the "reset" button. all act as if nothing actually happened. but well, this the life we never be able to comprehend eh? i agree. 

so live life to the fullest. but make sure to take your greatest care to it. never put it down. there is no eraser as the mark will never go away. the deeper it will be if you try to put them out. so, when you realize something went wrong, make a u-turn and do something to change it. action is important.   then~


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