wishlists of deruno!

it is 1715. 21122011. 
have you ever have a wishlist? pernah capai x? kesian kn aku, x pernah tercapai, but, selalu capai stengah jalan y? well, it is according to the circumstances that i am in. sad eh? for example, i had always want to have a dslr. but to fulfill my wish, i bought a simple camera. bersyukur laa juga.. apa blh buat. x da rezeki eh? chill...
but i guess, i'll never stop from making a new wishlist no matter they will never be accomplish. k, wishlist for this new coming 2012 are :
1. DSRL. aku tak kan pernah bhenti wish for it! i really want my life to be recorded in a great ways! x salah kn? though that i.

2. nice cat that is not dumb. yg tak fikir bahawa hidup ni hanya untuk makan and finding mate(s).. good, loyal companion! 

3. to do some baking and masak2x! lol...sot kn aku. at least laa later in the future, when i get a wive and a family, i can do something to main2x with them. eh? then i could spend some times together.

4. freedom! i want to live alone, do things all by myself. but i know it is not easy, but it is fun for a living. though it happen just for a couple of days, i would never regret! freedom that i meant is when aku dah x pkai duit for both mom and dad, ma n pa. now i'm 17 ys and rev is 25. she still receives money from ma n pa. so lama lg kn? aku? freedom is so far away. but flora achieved it awal! haha...nothing is impossible. like it.

5. get higher! and fit with great figure! well, obviously aku mmg pendek. genetic. allele of both of my parents were both short and short! but still, i want to try. i know i'll make a different. kesian kn jadi prg pendek...T____T

6. go for a vacation. trip or holiday. if i could, i want to explore the world by bus, train, etc... to open my eyes to the world. but i know that, going aimless is useless.

7. continue my piano learning. kalau x pergi class pn. study sendiri. i want to arrange my time perfectly and keep myself greatly. again, so that i'm not becoming a dull, lame pa in the future!

8. be more humorous. i meant an universal humorous. kalau dgn kwn2x kat skolah dulu, aku ok kira biasa jak pn, i like to make fun of people, making them smile and laugh. del kan budak ceria...haha...but now i'm losing it due to the community that i'm not fit with now. i am trying to get involve but it is, it os hard to say. 

9. socialize and get involve. see, i'm trying but i felt not as it is. susah wei! but, i'm totally agreed with the quote above. so true eh? btul! aku pernah lalui cabaran kehiidupan sedemikian. 

10. decorate and make up my own room. well, it's my first time to have my own room. so i'm totally into it. really am. 

11. read as much books on earth! lol...

12. to be more friendly with parental touch! aku kn anak last in my family. x pernah rapat dgn bebudak kecik ribena ni...takut nak buat apa. senyum? pegang? angkat? picit pipi? cm mana nak angkat? totally naive with it. argh!

13. to have dog! dari dulu lagi i want to get a beagle! check it yourself!

14. stop nyanyi kat bilik mandi time mandi! haha..aku gila perasan that my voice is like an artist. memalukan...

15. macbook pro! or at least macbook air (notebook) lol...i know that pa n ma will never buy me one. y? well, it is to expensive! and plus, buying me an expensive lappy for the first time? never... haha (rev n flora will senyum as if biasa and then talk about me behind, stabbing their brotha's back)

16. i want an iPhone 4s! no descriptions acquired. it's superb and marvelous. talk no more.  i'm craving to have it. even if i don't have macbook pro, this will be fine.  


17. to have super power! huhuhu...just joking..

18. watches like this

but well, it is true. as before, tak semua pun aku dapat capai. x salah berusaha untuk mencapai impian tetapi kehidupan kita perlu djadikn priority. bukan untuk keseronokan, kepuasan. materialistik, kebendaan. i don't want to talk much about it, isn't important as much. but i'm sad for some who don't think much about it and do things without rationale. it hard to say, ngaal duole genaou~



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