what was that!? dergh!
really, don't know what to say. but obviously, i had lost my "salute-feeling" toward u old man. so bad eh? well it happened without my instruction. u did the wrong things old man. and i'm not there to be on your side. no matter who u are to the world, u seemed so small in my small eyes here. i couldn't give u my respects anymore. it was undoubtedly, worthless. then?

i'm not telling about my dad laa...don't mistaken me. well, it was about this being. punya la sakit hati, kna? pagi2x pg mass at the church. as usual eh? who on earth would want to hear others' unpredictably, nonsense? what is "homily" n what are its true uses where it is added to mass for christian at the first place? here we go...

i copied these from wiki-pedia!
"The word homily is derived from the Greek word homilia (from homilein), which means to have communion or hold verbal intercourse with a person. In this sense homilia is used in 1 Corinthians 15:33. In Luke 24:14, we find the word homiloun, and in Acts 24:26, homilei, both used in the sense of "speaking with". Origen was the first to distinguish between logos (sermo) and homilia (tractatus). Since Origen's time homily has meant, and still means, a commentary, without formal introduction, division, or conclusion, on some part of Sacred Scripture, the aim being to explain the literal, and evolve the spiritual, meaning of the Sacred Text. The latter, as a rule, is the more important; but if, as in the case of Origen, more attention be paid to the former, the homily will be called expository rather than moral or hortatory. It is the oldest form of Christian preaching."

so, it isn't lecturing people...then?

wth did this old man did this fine morning, with the sun shone brightly high up, filled with God's blessing??? sot eh?? huhu...i really don't know where "?" learned to make his homily, or sermon. it was totally a disaster back then. 

but, back to reality, the most important thing for us, christian, i guest is just to believe and keep our selves alert on all satan's works. we may not be able to see them but, well, as normal being, we can't stop them by our own power, but from God. i always put this to myself, "don't u know that u yourself r God's temple that God's spirit live in u?". nice eh? huhu..so, no matter what other did to you, how people treated u, just bare in mind that, it was our own selves which matter at the end after all. so true, isn't? but we usually keep on forgetting this vicious but so true reality.. so, keep ourselves strong to "alkjgblajdhsbvxjhvbal" the hardships!



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