grr..one week had passed by then huh? way too hard to comprehend. when i woke up, it was SO LAME! what had happened to me idk either. i had been planning lots of things to be done, but then i don't know what to do...well, seems like that i'm not able to fulfill them. unable=retard. true? haha...

spm huh? well, it's just an exam. all students in the country should experience it once. or maybe more for some. i really don't know whether i had done my best. just let it be. i had my own believes. i will never get sad if it happen to be that i don't get marvelous results. if i get that, then, that will be my ability. true? yup. 

so, i will never get sad. i'm happy with myself. but of course i want to get the best result. straight As. i really do want. i hope that i will never get cs and bs. never want them so far. 

edc??? well punya la rindu...haha batch yg always get trouble together, get mad together by others, get scolded , punched, teriaki, etc...bonds that we had made. where life is so true, and no deceiving in between. though, there were. lawak sungguh..pergh..cba bayangkan korang kena benci oleh the school authorities??? x pelik. bayangkn korang pling senior kat skolah n then korang kna layan like rubbish? wth? haha but that's our story. n i think that it only happen one in a million. meaning to say that 'kami kuat'. haha to be surviving such treat. urm should i say, 'punishment' ??? urm no, it is better, yup 'treat'. i'll never forget it. never.

we r so good back then, idk n i don't understand why we received 'that'. why because undoubtedly, we were way too' budak baik'. wey, kna??? skolah tu punyala like heaven, no ragging, no bullies yg serious sampe hidung anak org bdarah. tak da pn. we didn't do anything that others usually would do. our senior did it but they didn't get hated like us. "?" but i get the answer for this unnatural phenomena. 

we r too loyal, obedient. so, we r way too easy to be manipulate. drng ckp cm ni, kami pn "oh yup, that's true.", or "ok, we know, we'll do it". konon, mok jaga reputasi batch, but tanpa disedari kna perbodoh kn. walhal, pnya la baik kami ikut "arahan". kna pindah sini, ikut. pergi sna, ikut. huh? cm mana nak lahir kn pemimpin kalau asyik ikut ckp org??? tanpa memikirkn about the rationality on the subjects??? penat wei. tp x juga kna hargai. punya la ssh, mok pndah acap kali. walhal nak habis skolah time tu. agak bijak pandai cemerlang n terbaik...haha..but again, thanks for making us stronger.(yg pndah2x ni student lelaki)...

it really did managed to make me realize that, not all people are good. see? so true isn't? hehe...km yg tuyu semcm ni pn. dah mmbesar n get stronger.always will amaze with edc. walau kna benci sekalipn, edc memuntahkan golongan yg cemerlang n terbaik. don't be sad, if org ni kurang sikit in academics, but the reality was, they're very good in kokum. heh??? even get high chances in the future to excel. yg sdh t'baik, urm well of course they'll excel. if it happen "tak dpt straight As" pn, kita ttp, cmerlang. y? we can survive tomorrow. huh? so true..

then, i think that is the end for now. after so long. huh?



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