it is 0020 am.

i'm totally screwed. i had been waiting like a totally idiot nuisance for naruto update! argh! had never been waiting for something like this before. now i know how my friend felt back then waiting for the updates. well, i read the manga just recently and i read from the beginning till the latest, it was great as i had told. seriously it is a totally frustrating. i want to read them NOW! waiting for a week, making me all nuts!

we just came back from miri. all are sore now. exhausted. i bought 1 shirt, 1 jean, 1 short khaki, 2 pairs of slippers. but my mission was actually to buy a sneaker! so it was not accomplished. hard to say...

2011 eh? never thought that it will passed by so fast! and i'm the one who was left behind. lol...funny isn't? when i remember all the things that i went through with all my best friends.(friends too). i will cherish them always i guess. maybe till the last moment i live as a sensitive and not-ignorant guy. but i think that i'm going to be one just yet. i, obviously are turning to be one like before, ignorant and annoying, plus i'm not so friendly. so bad isn't? i don't know what to do either. some may say that i'm a freak! but maybe it's true then. idk, i just can't speak! scared to start and even interfere in their conversations. these are my problems. nothing else could scared me to death than these. 

2011 is remarkably unpredictable. my studies, life, changes, relationships, they changed greatly. i never thought that i'll change into a dull, that don't talk much. weird eh? i used to be known to be a cheerful and happy. ada gik yg ckp aku x pernah ada problem. siot! hha...craps! i miss my friends. sdah la classmastes aku tu rata2x classmates aku since form one , others since form 2. lama eh? so, semua dah mmg rapat and kenal setiap org. sifat, behaviour, kekurangan, n yang lawaknya, all of us seems to have the commom sense. we only laugh when we all thought that "the thing was funny to us"! lawak yg lain, chow! tak ada effect and buang karan...

even, classmates kami org pun ada pak lawak jg. enche toro. haha, x lawak pn, just the way he talks is humorous! then all ketawa. then time form 5 eh, dia kurang cakap, coz dia told me that he don't want to be known as "pak lawak" mission, org ckp dia lawak n humorous juga till the end...walhal dia duk diam jak kat kelas. kesian eh? haha...that our toro, or azrie bin kinan, asal sipitang.

then i'll be talking about budak kaca mata sorang ni. enche, payan. we were together since form 3. idk how our friendship gets strong! weird, really. aku perah otak sbenarnya. toro tu, lain laa...all my probs were all out to him. haha...but 2011, he isn't that rapat with me again, di sudah jadi bdak alim. baik aa.. good for him coz he is a lil bit panas baran. hehe.. payan is so good. kami orng share sedih gembira together. why? time form 3, me, payan and ophi joined this cooking with nature peringkat negeri, and we won. but x kna hantar ke perlis coz H1N1! punya laa frust! all of us roll kat lantai. only ophi was not that sad back then. she is quite naive sometimes. ahaa.. then, in form 4, he sat next to me! now then i remembered how he became my besties. so, that was how then... lol...he liked to poke me. not just him. but all my friend. only the boys laa.. i'm one of the mangsa kena poke ni. yang len, iqbal, toro, izzani(baru2x ni) zirul, ezlan(almost semua dia kena) lol...kasian kami, but 2011 buat aku lebh kuat..i had discovered how to endure the 'unwanted-feeling" of being poked! bravo! tapi last year 2010, last day of school in f4. payan cakap "aku frust la del, ko x anggap aku ur bestfriend". punya la gay ayat ni, but batct kami ni kn sot sikit when we talk, cikgu pun kami bawa kawan. but almost all teacher baru yang tak ajar upper form ni benci kat kami. well, they don't know we people. 

that's all for now...then~


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