nani's wedding

Revylin signals for me to stop drinking and go toward the marching group of bride and groom. a few metres ahead, Nani and her becoming-husband are walking in toward their table, full with pride and happiness. i hear a big applause surrounding the big hall. for sure they are totally happy isn't? We, our family i meant, always thought that we can't get nearer with them, and so have no initiative to get into a better relationship. both side with our egoistic behavior which i guess is inherited from our own elders. well, you know who. So, on this day. all things get into actions. the effect of all out own nonsense. one side don't want to get involve unless the other side ask for help. to think it to be like this, it is stupid. i want to help, actually, as i felt greatly guilty. they are our family by the way. 

Approaching all the people, dad greet all people as if nothing happened. while, they knew better i guess.  still, i know that i wasn't an easy task to handle such a big occasion on your own. well, obviously this "ego" will bring you into no where. all seems to make their own comments about the wedding occasions, from the way the bride's family did managed the occasions, up into the people that my uncle invited. obviously, big part of the people invited were not from my uncle's family, well i meant not from our's. they were mostly my aunt ina's family. it was so obvious that our family didn't have the good relationship with them. why? see, dad and uncle louise is siblings. but we sat at the table which are located on the second row. while, on the first row, mostly chinesesss. weird isn't? but we went all macho, ignorant and a bit calm. i didn't knew where we get this powerful power. all seems to be thinking about the same things too. some of my dad's close cousins, and which are very close to my uncle are not invited too. all, again seems to be wondering "what happened?". 

but, it was supposed to be a great day for nani after-all. should put away all the grudges and misunderstanding. undoubtedly, it was like poisons for us. forgive and live a happy life. easy to say but not easy to be done. even to achieve it i guess.

here it goes...

well, this before the wed, waiting for the annoying-to-be-wait-for, mom


 this is the d. suarah, nice eh, make me remembering about the past


 rev in front of the d. suarah. some error occur when upload the pics i guess

 rev, making faces lol...

 announcing the arrival of the bride and groom!!!

 it is a happy ending after-all


 cake cutting! 

the family members, from the right, uncle louise, aunt ina, etc...

funny isn't. idk what to say. life passed by. even aunty muna was not around! what a life?! so weird! it was not a good example at all. in the future, never do this again. keep making the relationship better. solution and action is vital to keep alive. so true isn't? so true.

i think that's all for now.



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