morning earth! and happy Sunday!

as i scrolled along the mouse on facebook, one face caught my attention on the right bar. know what? it is mom's birthday today. i always remember her birthday to be in December the 18, but obviously, i'm not aware of the days now... i didn't realized that it is 18 already! sorry mom, i didn't wished your birthday as early in the morning. bad eh? so true. but i just wished her just now, and as i hugged her, she was not happy either. maybe because of our "usual-words-combat" after sunday mass. bad isn't? but, that how is it for some years. never comes out smiling from that entrance gate. fergh!

but anyway, i wish you the best of luck in your life mom. i'll always pray that God will always 
  • bless you, 
  • provide you protection against all evil, 
  • grant you with good health and 
  • good life without more sadness.
beside, i'm totally happy. my mission accomplished! 
  • i had read naruto manga, from the beginning till the end. i had never thought that it would be that great! the story was full with moral values and it was just like normal life! so true. and now i'm just going to wait for its update every week. hurgh! can't wait for naruto to be able to control kyubi like hachibi and killer bee! but i'm totally agree with all the other fan, the story end to be lame. it is totally unpredictable, but as if naruto is not strong, to wait for the power of kyubi only. see...
all of the kage strive for the best to keep peace to the shinobi's world. believing that naruto is able to feat the masked-fake-so-called madara.
he never give up no matter what

  • then, i had finished watching this great korean drama. the title : Sungkyunkwan Scandal, 20 episodes. the story was totally unpredictable. i like this kind of story. and i'm totally screwed off with romance-base-only story line. this, we wouln't have had any idea on the ending of the story itself. great isn't? pergh! haha..


these were the boys who were closed to kim yoon shik or her true name was kim yoon hee i guess. the first from the left was gael-oh, lee sun joon, and gu yon haa@yaehrim. great buddies! only gael-oh and lee sun joon really did know that kim yoon shik was actually a girl. both of them actually fell in love with this small fellow, kim yoon shik. at frist lee sun joon was enduring hard time in tellin himself that he mustn't love a man, till he tried to set an engagement with the minister of war's daughter, the lotus princess. a not-so-bright lady who loves to read romance-non-realistic novels bought from the store. she felt in love to lee sun joon gravely. but till the end, she failed to conquer his heart. and stupidly, no one know what happened to her at the end! lol...then the relationship between lee sun joon and kim yoon hee became so close. they both loved each other very much. but then, to achieve his ambition and dreams, the king put all his trust upon these great buddies which were made of soron(the people from south korea), noron(from the north), and naerim(free peole). perfect combination to accomplish his new joseon(korea) which are greatly dreamed by the former king too. the late king had wrote a letter about the new joseon named as "geum deung ji sa" but as the noron didn't want to relocate their country into the new joseon which are located at soron place, which are south of korea. in order to stop the late king's dream, they, the noron had tried to vanish the geum deung ji sa which were on the way to the palace brought by kim yoon shik's father, a former sunkyunkwan's teacher, and gael-oh's brother, a great scholar. they were both been killed in this mission. due to this, the king makes the secret mission to be accomplish as both gael-oh and kim yoon shik really want to know what happened years back then. but then, they found out that the mastermind of the incident was the minister of war which was then covered and helped by the left state minister, which is lee sun joon's father. knowing that his father was the one who made his friend's brother and father killed, he made  his dad as his enemy. haha i think  if it is attractive to you, you should watch it too. at  the end, the geum deung ji saa had been found by kim yoon shik. as the noron knew that it was found, they suddenly found one weapon to counter attack the king's dream. they found out that kim yoon shik was actually a girl. it was a big sin to let a girl to study in sunkyunkwan. the noron made the king felt guilty for doing things against the korean custom, i called like the 5 relationship and etc... idk. haha. but at the end, kim yoon shik was let to go by the king. and i didn't understand the ending as well. the king said that he wouldn't preserve the geum deung ji sa anymore and so the noron will do nothing about kim yoon shik's presence. he strictly said that, he is not thinking about making the soron get better life but  making new joseon was for his people.  he was no longer felt scared of the noron. then, lee sun joon's father asked kim yoon hee to be at his son's side forever which meant that he approved their relationship. but the weird thing was, they both live together but they both were teacher in sunkyunkwan. scholars knows them as male! idk what happened. then gael-oh be one of the minister i guest. haha...he caught the new hwang beok seo ig. idk what's the name. so funny, while yeorim get to be a trader. well, all things went greatly!

enough of excitement!



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