yeah...at last we reach the entrance door...

today my sis and i walk for about 2000 steps...a lil bit tired but it's good. good for everything. boring laa dkatakn. bkn ada kerja pn...hehe...feeling ok now. well just came back for a weekend. i hope i'll be more stable. i never said that i'm happy being at school. haha...who did...it's being with friends and best teacher that fill one's life isn't? lucu ehh..huhu

i keep on editing my blog's layout - making it more simple and plain. i want it to be like "urm...it's 'weird and i don't like it". too nice is not to good and not my taste... haha...buckbeak..

know what's my dream? well. i really ally want to watch "harrrry pootaah"...hehe i meant Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2.... but i know i have no time for that. i have to strive for my life so what's important should be put as the first one on the list. i hope all my effort will be paid soon. hahaha.. pray for me..

merlin beard!..at school..not so good as i always hope...ok i'll start...though the quantity keep on increasing but it keep on getting worst...funny isn't? i know it's not easy but why? last time when there are only few of them, big things can be handled like "easy come,easy go". while now?? "nothing went quite right"...but i just stay on my life, try to make it ok and release my stress out. though they really did stress me out like i'm a criminal. a dead-sentenced criminal... i hope i'll survive just  for about 3 months to go. amen...God help me..

about my being among my friends...things getting harder. sometime i don't really can get with together with my friends. i'm not that excellent and smart student. i, sometime a slow-leaner. compared to my friend whom are reaaly gooddd in their studies...haha but that's a small problems.. i had handled them and as a conclusion i ask a lot to them what i don't know. so, it's quite ok.. though some are not that good in teaching n get stressed out when i asked them some simple question. funny me.. hopkirk...:P

actually i had been a very loooooooong time since i post something. haha... i always open this blog but when i want to write something. i stared the lappy for more than 0.5 hour. haha can't think for suitable stories to be tell...nice people will have nice life if they want. really?

i have indonesian channels... got lotttttts of improvement. getting attractive. some. haha...but i found it a lil bit too korean...know what i meant. all the korean style being a fenomena to them. even there are group that korean alike. haha compared to us here malaysian not that much to have a boy band dance like k-pop have we? with all the towel-boy outfit. some are nice to be seen and some are actually not relevant. that actually based on ones opinion. some like it but some don't. me? some i like, but some not so much. and some i really anoyed. same to malaysian, some i really like, some i don't, and some i annoyed. it's people's "taste"  and genre.. expelliamus..

know what? yesterday my parents came to school because we have 'interaksi' between the educator and well my always-been-love parents. some are being too honest, moderate  but some are being too 'acting'!!!!! know what again? "that's a crime". and "that's a lie". i would say that i'm totally frustrated. i'm annoyed with that 'acting'. no need to make other think that you're the good side while i'm the bad guy. ok? understand? i don't like it but thankfully i'm not stress. fortunately thanks to God. my parent also know how to deal and to understand people way of expressing themselves. when i ask them "do you believe in what they say?" they replied, "not all, because obviously there is one that have different opinion about you than the other". see... i LOVE my parents. they know. and they gave me some help. "don't stress out, chill. it's normal. not all are perfect..ok...maybe she doesn't have much experience yet". "I AGREED!" but know what? i never hate her. i keep on telling myself, it's useless and it's not good. just let her feel that she's the winner. i wouldn't mind. i'll keep on trying to make my life "bettah", better hehe... expecto patronus...fuuuuuuuushhh.......go away all dementors!!! haha..

ok enough of blahblahblah...do i have to study? i think yes i have to.. urm....about my ICAS this year, it was HORRIBLE!...haha laugh at me. congratulation dale for not studying...huhu

that's all, daa~     


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