selamat hari gawai!

hi guys!

1st of all, "SELAMAT HARI GAWAI" gayu guru gerai nyamai to all iban and dayak people...

it's 1st June, 2011. Wow! know what? it's passing by soo fast. dale is scared..huhu:(.. y? SPM!!! of course. that's the reason why i'm not updating my blog often. and even, i don't have the connection everytime. i'm in boarding school see..

ok. today it's Gawai! huhu of course for the iban and dayak people. this is what they are waiting soo bad throughout the year. i'm right didn't i? huhu.. based on what i get lately, they usually started to celebrate the gawai day on the eve. they started to drink and so on. then the morning after that, they will rest for a while in the morning and start the celebration again after that. it is a very merry and joyful occasion of the year. for the sabahan, especially the kadazan people, they will celebrate the pesta kaamatan. it's actually a little bit the same with gawai, that is to celebrate the paddy's harvesting. thanking God for all the luxurious life they get by planting the paddy.  i hope i didn't get it wrong as these what i get. see..i don't know if they aren't true..

for the past years, we (my family) didn't go much on gawai. i mean, go visit friends' houses. this year too is the same. but yesterday, we went to visit my uncle's long house here in kampung. huhu...first time was like a family gathering. uncle missak, uncle nasa and all his children also did come. the place was not boring at all. no traffic jam together with their honking... peaceful. i wonder...i really miss getting around with my big family. really nice.


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