monday blues?

it was great today. no monday blues, no stress, no sad feeling, urm, but only a liitle worry about the special gift from my school authorities, my ccb. nice eeh?  I had done lots of things that made me felt worth doing. the whole day with my family. some sort like a family outing. we went shopping for our felines, buying things for grandpa, visiting our house, making lunch, and even doing some cleaning.(obviously, we don't eat together as we are usually far apart). so it was a good thing. isn't it? i'd cooked too. the taste was not too bad.

there are lot of thing happened today but i'm so tired. haha. we also do some gardening in the orchard just now. we picked up the sweet potatoes. do we call it sp? unfortunately almost all of them are not growing healthily. it was not fulfilling. i was the one that helped dad to plant them. sad isn't? some were big but full with holes made by the over-hardworking ants, together with the big colony that made 'my sweet potatoes' as their home. they ate my sweet potatoes as if they were their. can you imagine it? frustrating. it made me think. "how did the farmer stand it, shouldering the task of planting vegetables as they were so fragile?" i meant, they need much attention. they aren't easy ok. 

then, we went to the border area. where we bought some grilled-chicken wings, together with the 'hati buyah' called by the local citizen here or also called as 'opos' by the bisayan communities. first, my sis with me went to the pasar there. lots of the gerai there sell the same eateries like chicken wings, 'keruntut', 'hati buyah', fish cakes, sausages, drinks, etc... we want to eat the hot and warm foods so when we want to choose which gerai to buy the food, we choosed the gerai that still bakar all the food. but actually, when we go to the other gerai, they will grill again all the food displayed. so it is just they same. it's weird, as i'm not use of buying things here. i don't know how they are in the other place. huhu..

i'll upload pictures later..


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